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Recently moved or considering moving from overseas and have found the industry you previously trained and cultivated a wealth of experience in requires a new set of qualifications to be eligible to practice? Concerned you may have to re-take expensive and time-consuming courses simply to prove you are competent? You aren’t the first, but don’t fret. There is a simpler, more efficient way to get back to work.

In this blog, the team at Skills Certified explain how RPL can help when you have the skills, but not the qualifications.

What is RPL?

Traditionally, those looking to start working in a trade or other profession will go through courses offered and facilitated by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs). Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), however, is the process utilised by RTOs when assessing potential candidates looking to have their skills, knowledge and experience that has been obtained outside formal training avenues evaluated. If this evaluation deems them competent in their field, RPL can provide credits against units within the applicable qualifications.

RPL Process & How Skills Certified Can Help

If you are looking to receive qualifications through the RPL process, you will be glad to find that it is fairly straightforward. To make things even easier, the team at Skills Certified are here to help.

We begin by having one of our professional representatives provide a free, no-obligation skills check on your working history. From there, we will help guide you to begin compiling an ‘Experience Portfolio’. This will provide a resource to review relevant documentation, such as photos & footage of you performing work, references, previous qualifications and so forth. Once evidence has been provided, our partner RTO will assess your application and if they deem you competent for all required units of competency, then you will be awarded the qualifications from that RTO. If not, Skills Certified will help you find alternative avenues to help you achieve that competency status, such as identifying training courses or completing gap training with one of our partner RTOs.


Industries Skills Certified can help you find qualifications using RPL include:

If you would like to learn more, contact Skills Certified today by calling 13 17 75.

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