If you’ve been working in the industry and feel as though it’s time to gain some forward momentum, a formal qualification could be your next step.

A Diploma of Community Services – CHC25015 (offered by Spectrum Organisation RTO: 2441 and Frontier Training and Technology RTO: 21244), covers areas of work that involve providing support services directly to clients, community development and education projects, as well as the supervision of volunteers and other staff.

If you’re open to exploring a number of different opportunities in Community Services, this Diploma will qualify you for a diverse range of roles within the sector. Let’s take a look at the potential pathways you could take.

Case Worker or Manager

This role is integral in Community Services and ensures vulnerable members of the community have ongoing access to medical services, drug and alcohol support services, counselling and other vital community services. As a case worker, you’ll have the option to specialise in areas such as domestic violence, youth and child welfare.

Welfare Worker

As a welfare worker, you would be responsible for helping clients who are experiencing physical or mental health issues, as well as social, housing and financial problems. You would have the opportunity to provide welfare support in areas including veteran and student services and working with parents and carers to provide family support.

Pastoral Care Counsellor or Manager

Pastoral care workers possess skills that allow them to discuss religious matters with clients and provide the necessary support to those with spiritual and emotional needs. Many workers are employed by a church and offer support in aged care facilities, schools, hospitals and prisons.

Early Intervention

Working in early intervention involves providing support to children and young people who are experiencing, or at risk of experiencing problems. Role responsibilities can include home visiting and school-based programs, as well as mentoring schemes to improve emotional and social skills. Early intervention plays a critical part in improving a child’s chances of a safe and promising future.

There are a number of other positions that can be fulfilled by Community Services professionals who are formally qualified. Get in touch with our team or take a look at the complete qualification overview to learn more.

Get qualified through RPL

What does the pathway to achieving this Diploma look like? Thanks to RPL, you could be a few simple steps away from gaining your nationally recognised qualification.

The RPL process recognises your existing skills and experience and assesses your competency to determine whether you meet the requirements of a Diploma of Community Services – CHC25015. RPL can help you to avoid any repetitive study and you could have your qualification in as little as 4 weeks after submitting your portfolio of evidence to one of our partner RTOs.

You can learn more about how RPL can help you build a career in Community Services in this article.

If you’re ready to get started, take our free 60 second skills check. Or if you’d like to learn more, get in touch with the Skills Certified Australia team today.