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Any tradie will know that getting supplies to site quickly and efficiently can sometimes be a time-wasting, money-dwindling battle.

When there’s a last-minute change in the construction schedule, or an unforeseen hiccup meaning a site needs more supplies there and then, this can mean an expensive time-wasting rush to the nearest hard-ware store or a costly interval whilst waiting on an eleventh hour delivery.

It is a frustrating, chronic problem on building sites that tradies are all too familiar with. Not only does it stuff up a strict construction schedule but can stuff up a budget too. Recent industry research outlined that tradies make unexpected trips to the hardware store on 1 in every 3 job placements, adding about two billion dollars in additionallabour and vehicle costs year upon year.

This issue cannot be helped or foreseen, but industry insider’s and founder of ‘Getter’ saw that the issue could be made a little less painful on the pocket and clock.

When a sudden need for extra supplies on site arises, Getter aims to be a quick-fix on-demand service to supply materials via their website or Smartphone App, through a simple Uber-style pick up and delivery of goods service.

Getter launched in March 2020 in Sydney, after founder Tom Burton and his fellow co-founders in the building industry watched job after job run over time and over budget because of hold-ups accessing materials. It was becoming more commonplace than actually sticking to a certain schedule and budget, at which point Burton knew he wanted to address the issue at large.

“At a macro level, the Australian construction industry has a longstanding problem with not being able to procure its trade materials efficiently, meaning tradies either visit wholesalers themselves, or worse, wait hours and sometimes days for their supplies to be delivered,” he said.

“As tradies themselves, the Getter founders have seen first-hand the lost productivity that ensues when products or tools need replacing, whether that be on large-scale commercial tower building sites, project home sites or landscaping projects.”

Burton added that Getter has already expanded its registered users from 800 to about 3500; and he aims to dramatically expand that figure further to approximately 30,000 across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in the next year, with a revenue target of around $14m.

Industry insiders are confident that Getter will surpass these targets and will become an industry must-have across all trade sectors. Such as Darren Wallis, the Sunshine Coast-based chairman and major shareholder of residential building giant GJ Gardner Homeswho states:

“It could revolutionize how tradies get supplies delivered.’’

“There’s a gap in the market and this is an amazing opportunity,’’.

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