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As the second largest employing industry in Australia, the Health and Community Services sector offers a huge number of job opportunities to skilled professionals. The industry not only promises growth, but it’s a rewarding career path that supports the wellbeing of Australian communities.

The industry offers a diverse number of career opportunities in areas such as aged care, disability services, child protection, emergency relief, schools, counselling, and indigenous and multicultural support.

Over 1.1 million people are employed in the Health and Community Services sector in Australia and it’s undoubtedly one of the largest contributors to the Australian economy.

Industry Insights

According to the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC), the top priority skills for community service industry workers are:

  • Teamwork and communication
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Resilience, stress, tolerance and flexibility
  • Self management

In addition, AISC listed the top 5 occupations in demand:

  • Health and Welfare Services Managers
  • Nursing Support and Personal Care Workers
  • Enrolled and Mothercraft Nurses
  • Welfare, Recreation and Community Arts Workers
  • Welfare Support Workers

If you’re looking to break into the industry or you’re seeking growth in your current community services role; a formal qualification could help to open doors.

Community Service qualifications

There are a number of qualifications available to community service professionals through RPL assessment.

Certificate III in Community Services - CHC32015

Offered by Spectrum Organization (RTO: 2441)

This certificate is a good starting point if you currently work in community settings and are looking to increase career prospects. This qualification is relevant across a range of community-service based organisations.

Certificate IV in Child Youth and Family Intervention - CHC40313

Offered by Spectrum Institute of Training and Education Pty Ltd (RTO:41303)

This qualification is aimed at those working in family and youth interventions, including out-of-home or residential care, early intervention and family support. A Cert IV will provide a foundation for further study and establish career opportunities as a Youth Worker.

Certificate IV in Disability - CHC43115

Offered by Spectrum Organization (RTO: 2441)

This qualification is suited to workers who provide training and support to empower people with disabilities to achieve greater levels of independence and wellbeing. It can lead to promising careers in disability support work, community-based support work and personal care assistance.

Diploma of Mental Health - CHC53315
Offered by Spectrum Organization (RTO: 2441)

A Diploma of Mental Health qualifies the skills of individuals who provide services including health promotion, education, advocacy, referral and counselling services. This Diploma supports the development of leadership and skills to support people who have experienced mental illness and psychiatric disability.

Explore the full list of Community Service RPL qualifications here.

How RPL can help you build a career in community services

An RPL assessment uses your existing skills to fulfill the requirements needed for a formal qualification. If you already have experience in the community services sector, RPL could help you to avoid any repetitive training and fast track your career progression.

Learn more about how RPL can boost your community services career here.

The Community Services industry shows no signs of slowing down in Australia and the next few years will present the perfect time to certify your skills. Get in touch with us to get started and embark on a fulfilling career that positively impacts the Australian community.


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