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Are you thinking of changing careers or moving to a role that will give you more pay? Finding the right job that meets your financial requirements can be tough. However, in some cases, something as easy as getting the right qualification can help you towards your dream job – or at least a better paying one.

In this blog, we look at what qualifications can help you get into top paying industries in Australia.

Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety - BSB41419

This qualification is designed to help you implement health and safety measures in any organisation, ensuring that it is meeting all OH&S practices and all workers are in the safest possible environment. It offers the opportunity for you to step up and lead your colleagues. The average starting salary for roles like this is $90,700.

Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology - AUR31216

This qualification certifies that you have the skills to service and repair earthmoving equipment as well as other heavy vehicle mobile equipment plants. This is a great skill to have and can also help you get into the mining industry, which is a high-earning industry in Australia. The average starting salary for roles that require this qualification is $89,600.

Diploma of Project Management - BSB51415

Having qualifications in project management means you are equipped with the skills and knowledge to efficiently and effectively manage/organise a team to get projects done. This is a useful qualification to have as it can be applicable across many industries. You will have the ability to troubleshoot any roadblocks, come up with innovative solutions and make sure your team works together as one cohesive unit. You should have the technical skills as well as managerial attributes to execute and evaluate any project that is brought your way. The average starting salary for project manager roles is $65,400.

Let Skills Certified make this process easier for you

If you think you already have the skills but don’t actually have the qualification – RPL might just be what you need. Recognition of Prior Learning gives you the opportunity to be certified in any of these qualifications provided you have enough skills and previous working knowledge that meets the requirements. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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