Tradies Care More About Their Tools Than Themselves: Findings from the Empirica Survey

Last August we saw the launch of Tradies National Health Month, and with it, some concerning findings from the Empirica Research Survey comm....

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18 October 2018

Important Information for Tradies: Licensing and Working in Different States

For some tradies operating in Australia’s many border communities, obeying the lengthy licensing requirements and red tape obligations....

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12 October 2018

Working Dogs – A Tradies Best Friend?

One of the quintessential associations of Aussie tradies is a trusty dog riding with tools in the back of a dusty ute. Back in the ‘ol....

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03 October 2018

Tradies as Teachers? Recognising the Value of RPL

In a new national review of the education industry, tradies are now being encouraged to switch careers and share their skills in the classro....

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27 September 2018

In the Spotlight: Lady Tradies & Why We Need More

For countless decades, men have heavily dominated our trades industry. Generations of Australians have associated the hard, manual labour of....

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20 September 2018

Interested in a Free Apprenticeship in NSW?

A new initiative to make New South Wales the "tradie and jobs capital" of Australia has seen the state government provide free app....

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11 September 2018

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