Seven Ways to Drive Your Tradie Crazy!

Unlike many of us, a tradie’s place of work changes with every new job they accept. What’s worse, is that their managers (you) c....

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17 June 2019

MATES in Construction Charity and What They Do

Much of the focus in our trades industries surround occupational health and safety, and the standards we put in place to keep our workers pr....

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31 January 2019

5 Types of Tradies You’ll Meet on Site!

Worksites can be a diverse environment, filled with all sorts of distinct characters. To best prepare you, Skills Certified has assembled 5 ....

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08 November 2018

Tradies as Teachers? Recognising the Value of RPL

In a new national review of the education industry, tradies are now being encouraged to switch careers and share their skills in the classro....

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27 September 2018

Things That Drive Tradies Crazy

Everyone has irritations with their work, and tradespeople are no different. Skills Certified discuss a few of the more common pain points t....

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17 August 2018

Transportability and Transferability of Nationally Recognised Qualifications

Transferring qualifications that you’ve worked hard for nationally is a very valuable option and allows for individuals to work anywhe....

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17 August 2018

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