The Benefits of Becoming a Tradie

Tradies and worksites vary across the country. From the landscaping on a sprawling,suburban mansion, to gutting the innards of a city skyscr....

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11 December 2018

Top Business Tips for Tradies

Sometimes simply doing the job isn’t enough to nurture a growing business into fruition. Here are Skills Certified’s top busines....

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30 November 2018

5 Types of Tradies You’ll Meet on Site!

Worksites can be a diverse environment, filled with all sorts of distinct characters. To best prepare you, Skills Certified has assembled 5 ....

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08 November 2018

How Smart Tools (Apps) are Changing the Trades Industries

It seems like with every passing day, there is a new piece of innovative technology ready to revolutionise the way we live and work. And the....

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02 November 2018

The Tradie Rich List (Australia’s Highest Paid Tradies)

The 2018 Financial Year was a sumptuously fruitful one for many Aussie tradies. Thanks to a recent survey conducted by

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23 October 2018

Tradies Care More About Their Tools Than Themselves: Findings from the Empirica Survey

Last August we saw the launch of Tradies National Health Month, and with it, some concerning findings from the Empirica Research Survey comm....

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18 October 2018

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