What do stonemasons do?

Stonemasons craft and install stone materials such as granite, marble, limestone and sandstone for a variety of purposes. They may work on the construction of buildings and monuments, create gravestones or decorative pieces for homes and gardens. Stonemasonry is more than just cutting and shaping stone – it requires an understanding of the properties of the materials being worked with, and the use of complex tools.

How to become a qualified stonemason in Australia

Becoming a licenced stonemason in Australia doesn’t just require dedication and hard work. To become licenced, you prove that you have gained the necessary knowledge and skills to work safely on stonemasonry projects. You will need to demonstrate this through the completion of various courses and qualifications, such as the Certificate III in Stonemasonry – CPC32320 awarded by Construction Trades College (RTO: 40250).

This qualification aims at meeting the needs of stonemasons who wish to work with a range of stone products, including marble, limestone and sandstone, in order to produce stone monuments, as well as stone buildings and stone building components, such as benchtops, fireplaces, decorative mouldings, windows, chimneys, arches, floors and walls.

How to get qualified through RPL

If you have gained some experience working with stone, you might be able to obtain your qualifications through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This allows you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge with evidence from previous workplace experience or other activities, such as short courses. Once you have submitted the necessary documents, you will need to attend an assessment of your competencies. If successful, you will be able to gain a qualification without having to complete any additional studies.

How to get your stonemason licence

Each state has different requirements for obtaining a relevant Stonemasonry licence. Check with your state/territory industry bodies (such as the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, or the Victorian Building Authority) about exact licensing requirements and associated conditions where you plan to work.

It is also essential that stonemasons stay up to date with changes in building regulations and techniques by taking part in continued professional development activities such as attending seminars or workshops hosted by local government authorities or industry bodies such as The Master Builders Association of Australia.

By following these steps and investing time into gaining both theoretical knowledge and practical experience within the field of stone masonry, individuals can learn how to become a licensed stonemason in Australia who is knowledgeable about all aspects of working with stone materials safely, efficiently, and effectively.