However, for those who stay in the industry longer-term, there’s also plenty of opportunity for upward mobility, with different positions within a company becoming available as the years go on, particularly if the company is large enough to hold many different contracts with different jobs on the go.

There’s plenty of opportunity for organic growth and Construction Management positions are a great end goal, provided you know how to get there.

Starting Out

For those who are interested in Construction Management as an eventual goal, youmay need to have obtained a degree in a relevant construction field, such as civil engineering, structural engineering, or an Advanced Diploma of Building and Construction Management – CPC60220, offered by Building Trades Australia (RTO: 30979) and  Australian Industrial Systems Institute (RTO: 21916).

Along with experience in the construction industry, the degree you have will demonstrate a familiarity with the intricacies of the industry and that you have the skills necessary to work with other people.

If you have already been working in construction for many years, you might find that your experience is considered, allowing you to achieve your qualification faster. Once you’ve obtained your qualifications and have been working in the industry for a while, you have a number of choices for your career in Construction Management. Here are the four main ones:

Site Manager

As a manager at a construction site, you’re going to be the one largely calling all of the shots and assuming responsibility for the entire jobsite. It’s a massive job, with a lot of responsibility – you are one of the most senior people on-site. As a site manager, you’ll oversee the general day-to-day running of the site, usually via delegating to various other senior figures on-site who help run various parts of the project – senior plumbers, electricians and builders, for example – all answer to you, but all run their own separate departments. Being a site manager is the pinnacle of on-the-ground responsibility in the construction industry.

Contracts Manager

No construction job would happen without a written, prepared, reviewed and signed contract. That’s how the industry works and why it is so competitive. As a Contracts Manager, you will need to be thoroughly versed in construction contracts and their particulars, as your job will be to review contracts and negotiate between your company, clients and third parties. Following that, you’ll be tasked with drawing up the legal documents that clearly outline the deliverables, timetables, and the terms and conditions under which your company is taking on the project.

Building Project Manager

Another critically important job with a Construction Management background is a Project Manager. You’ll be one of the most important people in the entire company on every project as a Manager. Your job is to oversee the next construction from start to finish, from concept to architectural drawings, to contracts and finally to the building and completion of the project in a timely manner. You’ll need the construction management skills necessary to perform a task so all-encompassing.

Facilities Management

Another job that’ll require you to have all of the Construction Management qualifications is that of a Facilities Manager. This is particularly true if you’re looking to work for a company that provides property management services (lawn care, cleaning services, furniture replacement, event management) to either residential or commercial clients. For example, some property management companies will have Facilities Management arms that allow them to maintain their buildings for the owners of the building – this can happen with out-of-territory ownership, where a building owner will hire a property management company to run the day-to-day of the building.

No matter your background in construction, it’s never too late to get into Construction Management. If you are a driven, responsible person who is good with people and can keep cool and work well under pressure, then there’s no reason not to venture into something new. Make sure you have your qualifications under your belt before applying.

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