Why formalising your care skills can help you take advantage of the industry boom

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      If you have gaps in your experience, Skills Certified can help you upskill to fill those gaps. Our experienced assessors will work with you to identify any areas where you need additional training and provide you with the resources and support you need to meet the certification requirements through the RPL process.

      You can start by taking our free 60 second skills test. We’ll assess your skills against the certificate you want to apply for and let you know if you’re eligible for RPL.

      The length of the RPL process can vary depending on several factors, such as the amount of evidence you need to submit and the availability of assessors. However, Skills Certified works to ensure that the RPL process is completed within about 4 weeks of your evidence being submitted.

      There are many potential career paths in aged care, including roles such as aged care team leader, home care support worker, community care worker, aged care worker, or home care planner. These roles involve providing care and support to elderly clients and may involve working in residential aged care facilities or community-based settings. With experience and further training, you may be able to progress to more senior roles such as aged care manager or coordinator.

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