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Do you feel like you've hit a brick wall (pun intended)  in your career as a bricklayer, despite your years of hard work and expertise?

It's a common hurdle. If you’re ever thought about getting qualified for your skills - now is the perfect time. Getting formal recognition can be the key to unlocking new opportunities and securing your professional future as a bricklayer. Let's dive into how obtaining a formal qualification, like the Certificate III in Bricklaying and Blocklaying - CPC33020 (qualification offered by Construction Trades College RTO: 40250), can transform your career prospects,

Why Qualifications Matter for Bricklayers

  • Job Security: In an industry where qualifications increasingly matter, having a formal certificate can secure your job position.
  • Increased Earnings: Qualified bricklayers often have a competitive edge in salary negotiations.
  • Professional Credibility: A certificate is proof of your expertise, gaining you respect in the field.
  • Advanced Opportunities: With formal qualifications, you can explore higher-level positions or even start your own business.
  • Meeting Industry Standards: It's about ensuring your work aligns with the latest industry standards, essential for safety and quality.

Fasttrack your Qualifications with RPL

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a transformative process designed for skilled professionals like you. It assesses the skills and knowledge you've gained through your work experience, and aligns them with formal qualifications. This approach is perfect for those who have honed their craft on-site but haven’t had the opportunity to gain formal certification.

At Skills Certified Australia, we understand the value of your hands-on experience. Our role is to bridge the gap between your practical expertise and formal qualifications. We do this by connecting you with Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), facilitating the process for you to obtain the CPC33020 - Certificate III in Bricklaying and Blocklaying. This certification is not just a piece of paper; it’s a recognition of your professional abilities.

We make Certification Simple and Easy

At Skills Certified, we provide a clear and straightforward path to certification. We specialise in turning your existing skills and experience into formal qualifications. Our approach is focused on efficiency and convenience, ensuring you can achieve certification without the stress and complexity often associated with this process.

Here's a look at how we make certification easy and accessible for skilled professionals like you:

  • Expert Guidance: Our team doesn’t just process applications; we offer expert advice tailored to your unique experience and career goals.
  • Streamlined Process: We understand that your time is valuable. Our process is designed to be smooth and hassle-free, ensuring you get certified without any unnecessary hurdles.
  • Trusted RTO Network: We work with reputable RTOs, ensuring that your skills are recognised and respected across the industry.

Career Advancement Post-Certification

Obtaining a Certificate III in Bricklaying and Blocklaying - CPC33020 opens up numerous doors in your career path, far beyond the typical expectations of a bricklayer. With this qualification under your belt, you transition from being a general bricklayer to a recognised specialist in the field.

You could find yourself in roles such as a site supervisor, project manager, or even taking the leap to run your own bricklaying business. The certification provides a solid foundation for these advanced positions, showcasing your ability to handle more responsibility and complex projects.

Ready to take your bricklaying expertise to the next level? Take our FREE 60 Second Skills Check to start your journey towards a recognised qualification that reflects your true capabilities in the industry.


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