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Have you ever considered getting certified for your concreting experience? There are a lot of benefits to certification, especially if you are looking to expand your business in Australia. 

Through Skills Certified, you can apply for a Certificate iii in Concreting - CPC30320 awarded by Construction Trades College (RTO:40250) if you have collected relevant experience in the field. Get your foot in the door with a concreting certification and set yourself apart from your peers with a formal qualification.  

What are the benefits of getting a Certificate III in Concreting - CPC30320?

There are several benefits to getting a certificate with Skills Certified’s partner RTO: 

High demand 

With the Australian construction industry generating about $360 billion a year, there is work in the construction industry to go around. Concreting is a common construction requirement for any structure or building. Once you are a certified concreter, it will allow you to apply for a licence. As a licenced contractor, you will be eligible for a score of projects from schools to office spaces. Whether they are big or small projects, you can be sure the requirements will be rolling in and you will have plenty of work opportunities.

Go independent

A perfect way to streamline all those projects we were talking about above is to start your own business. Now that you have your concreting certificate and use it to apply for your licence,  you will be able to legally advertise yourself as an independent contractor once licenced. 

Upskill & Progress 

By completing your qualification, you might just learn something new! Upskilling is a great way to stay up to date with current trends within your industry while cementing your skills with a Certificate III in Concreting - CPC30320. It also helps you progress in your career by giving you the confidence to take on bigger and better projects. On gaining these experiences, you will be able to further accelerate growth in your skill set. 


Concreting professionals are paid extremely well. By having a Certificate III in Concreting - CPC30320 that backs up your skills, you’ll be able to enjoy a lucrative career that does more than just pay the bills.  

How do I get a concreting licence? 

If you have had experience in pouring, spreading and shaping cement in the past, you can get a Certificate III in Concreting - CPC30320 through Skills Certified’s partner RTO via the RPL process. Skills Certified identifies what you will need to do for your RPL and has access to a network of RTOs to help you advance to the next stage of your career. 

What does the concreting certification cover? 

The certification will cover the essential basic units of construction:

  • Operation and maintenance of concreting tools and fixtures
  • Preparation of spaces for concreting 
  • Form and finish of spreading concrete for different structures
  • Safety measures 

Is this a nationally recognized certification? 

Yes. The certification for concreting is a national qualification. So if you’re looking to move to another state, you can still conduct projects in an authorised and professional manner.  

What is an RPL? 

RPL or ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ is a process that gathers information regarding your existing relevant experience, whether it is casual or qualified, to assign credits towards your certification. 

Does going through RPL make it easier to get a concreting certificate? 

 Yes. Getting an RPL substantiates any projects you’ve had in the field of construction. Skills Certified helps you build your assessment by collecting your information and making the application for you.   

What is the process to get an RPL for my concreting certification? 

Skills Certified uses an easy four-step process to get started on your certification.  

  • Complete our free evaluation on the website. 
  • Gather documents for your personal portfolio. Documents are assessed and if required, more information is requested.
  • You are trained by an RTO on gaps in your knowledge.
  • Certification completed! 

Get in touch with Skills Certified today to find out more about how we can help you advance your career with certification.

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