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If you have a passion for cars, hands-on work and technology; you could be destined for a fulfilling career as an automotive professional. It’s a promising sector to pursue in Australia, offering versatile career opportunities and competitive salaries. The nation’s automotive sector is in need of ‘job-ready’ workers, highlighting the importance of gaining the relevant formal qualifications in the early stages of your career.

Are you currently gaining experience in the workforce or looking to make a career change? We’ve listed some of the most popular roles in the automotive industry, along with the qualifications that will boost your career prospects. 

Panel Beater

As a Panel beater, you are responsible for repairing damage to body work on vehicles. If you’re interested in automotive repair and restoration, have a strong attention to detail and currently work performing repairs and maintenance on vehicles; a qualification could assist you in a career as a panel beater.

Depending on your apprenticeship or level of experience in the industry, the following qualifications could be available to you.

Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology - AUR32120

Offered by Intech Institute of Technology (RTO: 30100)

Certificate IV in Automotive Body Repair Technology - AUR40720

Offered by Intech Institute of Technology (RTO: 30100)

Diesel Mechanic

Diesel mechanics are skilled across a range of tasks relating to diesel engines and associated systems. Day-to-day tasks often include detecting and diagnosing faults in engines and parts, repairing and replacing worn and defective parts, as well as reassembling engines and parts after repair.

If you’re eager to pursue work as a diesel mechanic, an apprenticeship and a Certificate III qualification are the first step in your career.

Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Engine Technology- AUR31520

Offered by Intech Institute of Technology (RTO: 30100)

Automotive Electrician

Automotive electricians install, maintain and repair the wiring and electronic components in motor vehicles. Tasks can include locating electrical and electronic malfunctions, dismantling, removing, installing and connecting electrical parts, and repairing and replacing defective or faulty parts.

To progress in an automotive electrician career, you’ll need to gain a formal qualification. The following qualifications are available and the most relevant will depend on your skill level and experience.

Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology - AUR30320

Offered by Intech Institute of Technology (RTO: 30100)

Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical Technology - AUR40620

Offered by Intech Institute of Technology (RTO: 30100)

Motorcycle Mechanic

If motorcycle restoration or repair is your passion, a career as a motorcycle mechanic could be on the horizon. Motorcycle mechanics comprise skills with machines and tools, computers and electronics, maths and physics, as well as a high level of customer service and communication skills.

To work as a qualified motorcycle mechanic, you’ll first need to achieve the following qualification after completing your apprenticeship.

Certificate III in Motorcycle Mechanical Technology - AUR30820

Offered by Intech Institute of Technology (RTO: 30100)

The list of career opportunities in the automotive industry is extensive, and there are many roads to travel if your passion lies within cars or motorcycles. Whether you’ve undertaken formal or informal training, worked in the industry or are completing an apprenticeship; Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) could help you get the qualification needed to kickstart or make a change in your career.

Explore more of the automotive qualifications available through RPL assessment, or get in touch with us today to discuss your career goals.


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