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Fortnite, as many will know, is a videogame series set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie world and is one of the most played games on the planet to date.

Within the game, players can be clothed in different ‘skins’ as different character types within the narrative; and various skins can be unlocked as you upgrade and level-up through the game.

Skins are sometimes used to honour big name players of Fortnite or even well-known celebrities. The latest skin that is to become available to players is the character of an Aussie Tradie.

This is a result of Aussie Fortnite player ‘Lannan “Lazarbeam” Eacott’, as one Australia’s biggest youtube streamers, with 18 million subscribers, being awarded a Fortnite skin as recognition to his dedicated passion to the game.

Lannan was given the opportunity to choose whatever character he liked, within reason, and has chosen none other than an Aussie Tradie to represent his contribution to the world-renowned game. As a former Tradie himself, Lannan wanted to honour his routes before he became a popular gamer.

The skin includes the classic tradie get-up, complete with high-vis, hard-hat and tool-kit. The character can even take a break and snack on a meat-pie in between fighting zombies and avoiding world apocalypse.

The well-known gamer said it was “truly an honour” and “really funny to have a tradie in Fortnite”.

“Rather than do something over the top with the skin I was to design, I wanted to honour my beginnings”.

“Never thought a scuffed kid like myself would achieve something like this, but I’m very excited to think of people running around as Lazarbeam in-game”.

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