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2020 was a year we’re all ready to put behind us, and there’s little doubt that a return to normal life in 2021 has Australians champing at the bit. Some have been forced to adjust to working from home as a result of the pandemic, while others have been put out of work entirely. As the economy endures a bumpy recovery and businesses attempt to reopen, the nation’s workers are being asked a crucial question: are they equipped and ready to get back to work?

How the workplace is changing in 2021

Now that Australia appears to be emerging from the pandemic, businesses are focusing less on strategies for short-term survival and more on permanent improvements to their operations. Do we need to pay for all this office space when staff can work part-time from home? Can we accelerate our transition from traditional retail to ecommerce? How can we future proof our brand in case this happens again? Do we need to change how we offer our services?

From trades to finance, virtually every industry is grappling with the conditions of a changing world and how we can continue to work through and beyond the pandemic. It’s not just to cut costs: many businesses will need to overcome these challenges to ensure their very survival. For Australian workers, the most important changes concern how these businesses are reshuffling staff and hunting for new recruits with diverse, adaptable skill sets.

Consider having your skills certified

We’ve already touched on why now is the perfect time to certify your skills, thanks to a variety of factors including a hyper-competitive job market, a surge in upskilled workers, decreased job security and rising demand for versatile staff. Australia is ready to start moving forward in 2021, but we’re already seeing employers push through a teething process as they figure out how to adjust to the new normal.

Workers who can survive an evolving landscape and apply their knowledge to multiple roles are increasingly sought after, while technology and innovation is cutting demand for more rigid candidates. Having your skills certified gives potential employers a clear indication of what you can offer, particularly if you’ve gained these skills through hands-on experience or learning overseas.

It’s time to get your career back on track

Discover how Skills Certified can help you get back to work in 2021 with recognition of prior learning (RPL) and a range of training courses.

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