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Whether you have just left school of have been in the working force for decades, picking the right career path to follow can be tough. There are a variety of important personal and industry factors to consider, such as the training required, whether the pay is enough to support you and your family or how many jobs are available in that field. To help you in your decision making, we have compiled a short list of Australia’s fastest growing professions and what makes them so in demand right now.

Finance professionals

If you’ve always been that person who is good at maths and helping people to budget their money well, a career in finance might be perfect for you. This industry has seen growth in recent years when it comes to both personal and commercial finance solutions. So if you have great communications skills and enjoy helping people find solutions that work for them, perhaps consider a role in this field.

Health specialists

The health sector has grown in recent years and is showing no sign of stopping in the near future. Contrary to popular belief, there are a number of ways to achieve a career in this field. For example, nursing offers a few different entry points as you can become a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse. While both of these options allow you to work in the healthcare field, they require different levels of education and training and task you with different responsibilities in the workplace. With so much room to grow, this is a great option for people who look forward to furthering their careers as they continue to learn.


Across the board, education is a growing industry that is seeking dedicated professionals to claim its positions. Online job site SEEK reported that in 2016 they saw demand for Teachers AIDES and special needs teachers grow by a crazy 112%, whilst job ads for primary school teachers surged by 112%. This is caused by the simple problem of there being too many school-aged children and not enough people to teach them. As such, this offers great career opportunities for people who enjoy spending time with children and playing an integral role in their growth.

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