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There is an ongoing demand for project management skills across a broad range of industries, and it can be a lucrative and rewarding career.

If you’ve demonstrated project management skills in your current job or you’re a tradie who’s experienced in managing sites and building projects; you may be able to take the next step in your career with Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Discover what a career in project management could look like for you, and the steps required to get there.

Are you ready for the next step?

As you learn and gain more experience, it’s beneficial to upskill and formally prepare yourself to take on more responsibility. The managerial experience required to excel as a Project Manager combines a number of hard and soft skills. You must possess a high level of technical skills, along with an adequate level of humanistic capabilities like leadership and communication.

It’s useful to make a personal assessment of your strengths and areas of improvement as you seek to qualify your skills. Ask yourself questions like, what am I good at? In what areas do I regularly seek assistance? What am I yet to learn? This will help to determine whether you should undertake any further training before you progress with the next step.

What a Diploma of Project Management - BSB50820awarded by Asset Training Australia (RTO: 31718) will do for you career

A Diploma of Project Management - BSB50820 will help to strengthen the skills and knowledge you’ve already attained by working in the field. It will sharpen your ability to plan, execute and evaluate the structure and performance of your team.

This certification will help to evaluate your project management skills and assess their proficiency across a number of industries. Once you’re qualified, you’ll have the opportunity to advance in a number of project management roles, including Project or Program Administrator, Project Management Facilitator or Project Leader.

Prospective Employment

By progressing as a Project Manager, you’ll have the opportunity to advance in your current industry and area of expertise. However, don’t think you need to spend the entirety of your career in the same industry. A project management qualification will allow you to develop a specialisation of your choosing, and prompt you to advance in that area.

Career paths for Project Managers are common in construction and infrastructure industries, along with public administration and safety, and scientific and technical services.

Steps to completing your qualification

Certifying your skills through RPL is simple and your qualification will be recognised nationally, allowing you to work anywhere in Australia.

All you need to do is:

  • Speak to our team and complete a free skills assessment
  • Work alongside us to prepare a portfolio of evidence that showcases your skills
  • Have your evidence reviewed by a Registered Training Organisation (we’re partnered with them!)

Once the reviewal process is complete, you’ll receive your formal qualification, or if required, you’ll be partnered with a trainer to upskill you in any areas where further growth is needed (this won’t cost you a cent!). From start to finish, this process only takes four weeks.

If you’re ready to advance in your career as a Project Manager, now is the time to make it happen. If you believe you’re ready to have your skills certified through RPL, or you’d like to upskill first, speak with our team today.

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