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The field of Business and Finance is overflowing with potential. Whether you’ve got years of experience or you’re just starting out, there’s no denying it’s an exciting place to be for career-driven individuals.

If you have your sights set on a new role or you’re ready to challenge yourself by taking the next step in your business and finance career, a formal qualification could help you reach the next milestone. You may qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), which can reduce the time required for study and significantly fast track your career progression.

Which qualification is best for you and your career goals?

Let’s explore some of the available qualifications that can help to boost business and finance careers in Australia.

Boost your career with a Certificate IV

There are several areas of expertise that can be pursued in the Business and Finance sector. Completing a Certificate IV will enable you to become formally recognised for the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired in the workforce.

Certificate IV in Business Administration - BSB40515

Offered by Asset Training Australia (RTO: 31718), Spectrum Organization (RTO: 2441), Frontier Training and Technology (RTO: 21244) and Success Resources International (RTO: 31335)

By completing this qualification, you’ll be equipped with a strong foundation for further business administration study. Career opportunities include Executive, Personal and Project Assistants, as well as Administration Officer. If you’ve developed skills and experience in administrative functions such as document writing, meeting and travel planning and project coordination; this qualification could help to grow your career.

Certificate IV in Project Management Practice - BSB40920

Offered by Skills Recognition International (RTO: 32373)

This qualification could be a good fit for you if you execute project management knowledge and skills in business and finance. It will enable you to play a larger role in supporting project operations, business and organisational activities. If your goal is to develop your skills and techniques to build a career in project administration or coordination, this qualification could be an asset to your progression.

Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking - FNS40815

Offered by Success Resources International (RTO: 31335)

Do you currently work in the finance and mortgage broking sector? If your problem solving, analysis and evaluation skills are naturally advancing through your day-to-day work, this qualification will be highly beneficial. As you continue to develop your talent, career opportunities as a finance or mortgage broker will become available to you.

Certificate IV in Financial Services - FNS41820

Offered by Success Resources International (RTO: 31335)

If you envision your career headed down the financial services path, but you’re still exploring your options as you develop your skills; this qualification can provide a useful general purpose pathway. This Certificate will be an asset as you start to build your career portfolio and it will encourage the further development of skills in a number of areas.

Boost your career with a Diploma

If you’ve developed a complex skill set and you’re ready to explore higher roles within the business and finance sector, a Diploma is the next practical step.

Diploma of Marketing and Communication - BSB50620

Offered by Asset Training Australia (RTO: 31718)

Marketing in the business and finance sector is an exciting and prosperous industry to delve into. If you possess skills and knowledge in marketing and communications and have developed managerial skills in your current or previous roles, this qualification could be the next step for you. As you progress in the industry and further develop your communication and strategic marketing skills, a number of career opportunities will become available to you. These include management roles in traditional and digital marketing.

Diploma of Business Administration - BSB50415

Offered by Skills Recognition International (RTO: 32373), Intech Institute of Technology (RTO: 30100), Asset Training Australia (RTO: 31718), Frontier Training and Technology (RTO: 21244)

If you’ve successfully completed prior qualifications in business administration, or you’ve developed a strong skill set through your work experience, you could attain a Diploma of Business Administration (BSB50415) through RPL. If you manage a team and its performance, undertake project work and play an important role in planning and implementing processes; it could be time to formally qualify your efforts.

Diploma of Accounting - FNS50215

Offered by Brighton Pacific (RTO: 41138)

This qualification is designed to advance your career in the Financial Services sector. If you’ve worked within the industry and would like to pursue a role in accounting, bookkeeping or payroll, this is your next step. If you show confidence in evaluating and solving complex problems, preparing and managing both budgets and financial reports; a Diploma of Accounting (FN50215) will broaden your career prospects. 

If you’re ready to put your analytical skills to the test, and build your career in one of Australia's fasting growing sectors; start collecting the tools you need to succeed.

If you’re ready to advance in Business and Finance, have your skills nationally recognised through a formal qualification. Do you qualify for RPL? Let’s find out! Take our free skills test today, or get in touch with our team at Skills Certified Australia on 13 17 75 or contact us online.

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