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Interviews can be nail-biting at the best of times. And now, with a lot of interviews being conducted online via Zoom, there’s a whole new technique to learn. But before you even get to the interview, you have to apply for the role, making sure your application stands out is the first step.

Once your interview has been secured, it’s time to prepare for your online appearance. To help you navigate being digitally interviewed, we’ve pulled together 5 top tips for nailing Zoom interviews.

1. Tame your Technology

There is nothing worse than trying to Zoom with someone and there are technical difficulties… worse, if you’re trying to put your best foot forward in an interview. To avoid these issues there are a few things you can do;

  • Download the latest version of Zoom prior to your interview.
  • Test the audio and video, and adjust accordingly.
  • Test your earbuds (yes, you should wear earbuds in an interview for optimal audio), and keep a back-up pair within reach.
  • Keep in mind, rebooting your computer can reset your default camera and microphone – leaving your screen blank or audio muted… losing all the tweaks you have made.

2. Location, Location, Location

Location is critical. Choose an area that is quiet and free of distractions – a room where you can shut the door is an ideal place for an interview. If you live with other people or have kids at home, ensure they know you are being interviewed and to keep the noise down. Same goes for pets. If they’re going to be scratching at the door or barking in earshot, take them to the neighbours or tie them up safely out of audial range. And remember your background! No one wants to see mess, an unmade bed or the remnants of your breakfast. It’s best to keep it neutral – a blank wall or a neat room with nothing offensive are your best bets.

3. Dress for success

What would you wear for an in-person interview? Wear that! Don’t be tempted to wear professional up-top and comfort below, sans shoes. What happens if you need to get up mid-interview and expose your casual attire, or lack thereof?! Also, dressing top-to-toe in professional clothing has an important psychological effect on you, helping you embody and project confidence. And regarding colours, stick to solid softer tones or neutrals – avoiding stripes and busy prints which will ‘strobe’ on the interviewers screen.

4. Preparation is key

Whether you’re interviewing in the Business, Fitness or Construction industries… no matter what it is, you can be expected to be asked the same questions about your qualifications, experience and reasons for applying. One of the great advantages of a Zoom interview versus in-person, is the interviewer can’t see what’s not on camera… so use this to your advantage! Stick your notes to the side of your screen so you have a quick reference guide if you get stuck.

5. Practise makes perfect

Zoom allows you to record yourself which is perfect to practise for your interview. You not only get to see how you come across on camera, you can also check the lighting and audio, and adjust accordingly for the actual interview. Better yet, if you are able to set up a mock interview with friends/family to prepare you for possible interview questions and invite feedback. As they say, practise makes perfect.

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