The Top 5 Reasons People Get Qualified Through RPL

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      Your eligibility will depend on several components, including the industry you work in, the type of qualification you’re seeking, and the formal and informal learning you’ve already attained. You can assess your eligibility by taking our free 60 second skills check.

      The RPL process is highly beneficial to career-driven individuals for a number of reasons. It increases your career prospects and earning potential, eliminates any repetitive training or study, and improves your resume. The process also allows participants to continue working, meaning they don’t need to take time off to study.

      A Registered Training Organisation develops and implements strategies for training and assessment that take into account an individual’s skills and experience. They are responsible for issuing qualifications after carefully assessing individuals’ portfolios of evidence.

      The RPL process is quick and easy, and you don’t have to go through the process alone. The team at Skills Certified Australia are experts in RPL, and will ensure you receive the support and guidance needed to tick all the boxes and successfully achieve your qualification.

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