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RPL is a system of assessment that looks at a person’s relevant prior learning to evaluate and determine the knowledge and skills he or she acquired outside the learning institution. This is designed to highlight their competence despite there being a given set of rules, regulations, and standards. So why is RPL significant and who exactly benefits from this process? Let’s have a look at the three entities that are tremendously aided.

The Individual

For the individual or the student, RPL aids them to plan and develop their career by encouraging formal education. It reinforces learning that was acquired through actual life experiences and work in a more comprehensive manner. Therefore, one is able to shorten the amount of time and funds needed to complete a college or university program. RPL also assists the individual to recognise any areas of weakness in their given field of study and to address and polish them immediately. This will definitely boost their self-esteem and confidence as they set out on the path to career development, knowing that they have the full set of skills required to be competent and successful with their work.

The Institution

For the institution, the inclusion of RPL assists them in increasing their efficiency and removes any time wasting training systems that may be running without beneficial importance. This will actually help students to increase their knowledge and skill set base, making them quite successful in the job marketing pool. In turn, the face of the institution and its reputation will be highly built and rebranded as a benchmark of quality and excellence. Through RPL, the institution also plays its part in promoting community development through service delivery in both the business and industrial sectors. Students are able to learn and polish skill sets that are important in boosting the output of these sectors, which in turn promotes community growth and development.

For the community

As mentioned earlier, RPL is an important channel for every student to be groomed into a capable and ethical contributor to his or her community. It promotes learning to be viewed as a life-long journey rather than a few years in a certain institution. Furthermore, the interaction between companies and institutions promotes workplace partnerships which is beneficial for both parties and the students concerned.

All in all, RPL is a great system which needs to be implemented in all institutions across Australia. Not only will it promote a better appreciation of practical hands-on experience, but also promote a greater work ethic in our students for years to come.

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