2022 Marketing Trends For Small Businesses

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      There are many ways to market your business, however the most effective strategies will depend on your industry, product or service offering and target market. You could consider including a combination of digital and traditional marketing strategies, utilising Google, social media and content advertising. Word of mouth, location-based offers and referrals are important marketing strategies for small businesses.

      Some of the fastest growing industries in Australia are Construction, Healthcare and Community Services, Technical Services and Software Development, Accommodation and Food Services. You can read more about these booming industries here.

      There are several factors that will determine whether outsourced marketing is a smart business choice. If you’ve identified an opportunity for growth, are trying to build a better digital presence and have the budget to spend, some marketing help from a specialised team could be highly beneficial for your business.

      Every small business is different and your marketing budget should be realistic in relation to your revenue. It helps to ask yourself the question- how much do I need to spend to achieve my marketing goal? Also be sure to measure your return on investment when planning future marketing spends.

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