With 2022 well underway, it’s time to start thinking about how your business can embrace the latest marketing trends to attract new customers, nurture your current customers and of course, drive sales.

We’ve listed the top marketing trends for small businesses in 2022 (surprise, surprise- they’re all digital!).

Video marketing

This might seem like a game for high rollers only, but video marketing can be very beneficial for small businesses too. When you consider video marketing, shift your thinking from the grand production scale to quick, easy and relatable videos.

This could be as simple as going live on Instagram and taking followers on a tour of a finished project, getting to know the team through video interviews or TikTok videos showing a new product or menu item.

Video marketing can help to expose your business to a wider audience, will engage your followers and generate growth.

Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing is about finding your customers and meeting them at every touchpoint. This not only creates convenience for your customers, but it allows you to utilise a number of effective marketing strategies, including retargeting ads. For example, if a customer is searching for a service on your website, but bounces without making an inquiry, you can retarget them with ads for your service on Google or social media.

Don’t spread yourself too thin and focus your time and energy on the platforms you know your customers use.

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Virtual events

While we’re finally out of lockdown and readjusting to real-life interactions, the value of virtual events has not been lost. If you relied on physical events pre-pandemic, virtual events are a clear choice moving forward. The benefits include lower costs, higher attendance, attendee insights, recordable and shareable content, and the potential for more frequent events.

If the event space is new to you, consider how your customers might benefit from a virtual event and if the benefits for your business outweigh those of a physical event.


The search engine optimisation (SEO) beast will continue to rule online marketing in 2022. If your business doesn’t have an SEO strategy in place already, make 2022 your year. SEO involves optimising your website to receive increased traffic, to perform better and rank higher in Google searches.

Get an SEO professional to get your business off the ground with a solid SEO strategy, and if you’ve already got one in place, be sure to revisit it regularly. Digital marketing is constantly evolving!


It’s time to get personal in 2022! Customers want to feel important and the best way to achieve this is by personalising your content, offers and product/service recommendations. Personalisation is easier to achieve if you can collect data about your customers and use these insights to establish what your target market wants and needs.

Give your small business the boost it deserves this year and try your hand at some of the marketing trends that can help to set you above your competitors. If you’re interested in reading more small business news, check out our article 5 Lessons for Small businesses in 2021.