11 Traits Employers Will Be Looking for in 2023

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      Trades are expected to remain in high demand, as well as qualified professionals with experience in software engineering and development. The health, education and social services sectors are also looking for qualified team members who are able to think critically, solve problems creatively and collaborate effectively.

      Employers are looking for qualified professionals who possess the necessary skills to get the job done. This includes having recognised qualifications, certifications and industry experience.

      RPL is a fast way to get qualified if you already have industry experience. RPL assesses your existing knowledge and experience so you can receive qualified status faster than through traditional education pathways. Contact us today to learn more about how RPL can help you stay competitive in 2023.

      To prepare for a job interview in 2023, it’s important to clearly demonstrate your skills and experience to the interviewer. Also be prepared to ask the interviewer questions about what it’s like to work for them.

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