11 Tradie habits you should take into 2023

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      Some tips for staying motivated and focused include setting achievable goals, taking regular breaks from work, rewarding yourself for a job well done and staying organised with your tasks. These measures will help you stay on top of jobs and keep your morale high.

      It's important to keep your skills and certifications up to date so that you're familiar with current industry regulations and standards. This will help ensure that you can do the job safely, accurately, and efficiently.

      If you don't have a trade qualification yet, look into getting one. There are many pathways available to unqualified labourers depending on the trade they want to pursue and the amount of experience you have in that field. You could look into apprenticeships, traineeships or Certificate III qualifications for entry-level trades. Alternatively, if you have industry experience, you can get your skills certified and fast track your way to a trade licence.

      Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that allows tradies to have their existing skills and knowledge formally recognised as part of a formal qualification. Skills Certified Australia can help you get your skills recognised through the RPL process by assessing your skills and matching you with a registered training organisation (RTO).

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