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Now more than ever before, an eye-catching, stand-out-from-the-rest resume is essential for landing you your dream job. Your recruiter or future employer spends an average of six seconds reviewing your resume entry before they make their initial first impressions or decisions as to whether you’re fit for purpose. Therefore, a dull, uninspiring, Times New Roman CV might not make the cut and you do not want something as simple as that to get in the way of kick-starting your career.

You are the only you, and that is your superpower and your USP. So, it is important to get your personality on to the page and make yourself stand out as the individual right for the job. Adding a few keywords, a little style and personalization can give you the extra push to be the most memorable from a truckload of mediocre, bland and generic applicant resumes.

There are dozens of sites out there that can help build your resume, but some can be costly and add little value or difference to your CV. The following are the top ten rated websites that help you create a winning resume for FREE. Set yourself aside from other applicants and land yourself that job position with the help of these sites, completely free of charge:


  1. Zety Resume Builder


Zety boasts being one of the most simple and easiest Resume building websites to use out of them all. The site offers hundreds of different colour schemes and dozens of templates to personalize every element in under 5 minutes.


  1. Resumonk


Resumonk couldn’t be easier, as you can quickly and simply import all pre-written profile information and skills from your LinkedIn profile and old CVs, saving you time and effort. Moreover, there is no sign-up required, a very simple interface and quick, easy-to-use tools to perfect your CV in minutes so you can send to potential employees sooner.


  1. Resume dot com


Resume dot com has a unique resume builder that is extremely interactive as it is set up like a document where you can edit each and every detail as you go, giving you a lot more flexibility rather than following a strict, fixed template. They also use the unique ‘Import from LinkedIn’ option which allows you to transfer all your pre-prepared profile information instantly.


  1. VisualCV


Trusted and relied on by over 3 million users, Visual CV has a very well-respected tried and tested usage. Whether you are new to the job market or applying for your last job before retirement, Visual CV is user-friendly for both beginners and experts with more than 20 templates to choose from.


  1. Cvmaker


As accredited and recommended on sites such as Mashable, Lifehacker and Recruiter, Cvmaker is the go-to for resume building on a budget. With a huge range of templates to choose from, everything is prepared for you and all you need to do is fill in the blanks. You can also host your CV up on the site and track the attention your CV receives.


  1. Novoresume


Novoresume is a great website for building your resume, as the added extra interactive tool scans your finished resume and offers customized suggestions as to how you could make improvements in taking your CV to the next professional level, which can be especially helpful to job seekers who are new to the application process. 


  1. Resume Genius


Whilst all of these sites are easy and straightforward to use, Resume Genius has to be the easiest. This site asks personal multiple-choice questions about your profile, experience, education and skills and will literally build your resume for you so you don’t have to. When your CV is almost finished, you just simply add dates and any extra information and you’re done, as easy as that!


  1. Resumebuilder


Resumebuilder has some great features for creating multiple, slightly different CVs as they have a huge range of featured resume types for specific roles, from Bartender to Pharmacy Technician, Resume Builder has you covered. They also have a mobile phone App version, so you can create CVs in an instant at your fingertips and change it at any time on-the-go.


  1. My Perfect Resume


My Perfect Resume is interactive and easy. Our favorite feature is the ability to search Skills by Job Titles and add them to your resume in one click. The website also offers Cover Letter building, with examples, formats and templates, as we all know a good cover letter is where you can really upsell and reveal your specific qualities that perfectly match a job description.


  1. Enhancv


Enhancv boasts 1000s of templates to choose the ideal arrangement for your desired style and content. It is extremely user-friendly, so anybody can use the website, whether you’re good at design and have a creative side, or not. Finally, you can upload your CV to their portal, and receive instant feedback from professionals who may be able to help improve you CV even further.

Written by Sophie Cunningham; 15th September 2020

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