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If you’re considering developing your career in hospitality, you’re in luck. Australia’s hospitality scene is going from strength to strength. Consistently one of the highest performing industries in the country, it’s predicted the industry will reach $108 billion in revenue by 2023.

The Australian dollar is expected to remain weak drawing more international visitors and enabling higher average spends, which in turn will continue to boost the accommodation, food and beverage sectors.

Within the next three years, there are projected to be over 970,000 people working in the hospitality sector, making it one of the largest employing industries in Australia.

Steady growth creates future job security in the hospitality

This continued growth is great news if you’re looking to enter the industry or advance your career. Working in hospitality opens a wide array of opportunities to develop your career, travel, enjoy the food and beverage culture, and build the skills and experience to create future job security.

According to the report Future of business: Focus on Hospitality there is increasing demand and competition for skilled staff throughout the industry, providing the perfect opportunity for you to create a successful career.

For added job security and opportunity, consider exploring one of these top 5 in-demand jobs:

1. Chefs

Chef roles are projected to have the most growth in both the food and beverage sector and accommodation sector. As reported by National Industry Insights, there is expected to be a 16.7% growth in cheffing positions by 2023.

One contributing factor to the significant growth in opportunities for chefs is the projected boom in online food delivery services which is expected to quadruple in revenue by 2026 to reach $2.4 billion.

The disruption has seen more dark kitchens and delivery exclusive restaurants begin to emerge throughout Australia, creating higher demand for kitchen staff than front-of-house.

2. Waiters

Waiters rate as the second most in-demand roles, again across both the food and beverage and accommodation sectors.

  • Projected to be around 33,000 waiting job opportunities each year until 2023
  • Average weekly income for an adult working full time is $975
  • Over 50% of waiters work part-time
  • No minimum education or formal training required

The types of waiting jobs available range widely from small, casual cafes, to high-end fine dining. While there is no formal training required to become a waiter in cafes, once you begin working in specialty venues and fine dining it’s likely you’ll be required to have additional training and experience.

3. Cafe and Restaurant Managers

Cafe and restaurant manager roles will continue to increase by an expected 13.9% over the next three years.

  • Projected 8,200 job opportunities each year
  • Full-time adult’s average wage is $1,346
  • 76% of cafe and restaurant managers work full-time
  • Requires extensive industry experience
  • While no formal qualifications are generally required, many managers hold a Diploma or Advanced Diploma in hospitality or cookery.

Management roles can be highly competitive especially in major cities. If you’re working towards landing a job as a cafe or restaurant manager consider applying to have your existing skills and experience certified through recognition of prior learning (RPL) to increase your chances of landing a dream role.

4. Bar attendants and baristas

There are projected to be 118,800 people working as bar attendants and baristas across both the food and beverage sector and accommodation sectors.

  • Projected 24,600 job opportunities per year until 2023
  • The average wage for an adult working full-time is $1,154
  • You can work as a bar attendant without formal qualifications, however, you will be required to hold a Responsible Service of Alcohol for the state you are working in.

Many cafes will require you to either be experienced or complete on the job training to be a barista. As the specialty coffee culture continues to grow both the competition and demand for skilled baristas continue to grow.

There is a wide range of barista courses available across Australia that can help you advance your career and stay ahead of the game.

5. Housekeepers

As domestic travel continues to increase and the weak Australian dollar continues to draw international visitors, the hotel sector is projected to steadily grow despite the rise of homestay sites such as Airbnb. By 2023 there are expected to be 33,000 new hotel rooms added to the accommodation supply in Australia, boosting the demand for housekeepers.

  • Expected growth of 6,600 job openings each year until 2023
  • The average full-time adult employee wage is $878
  • No formal qualifications are required for housekeeping, however, many establishments will require either a Police Check and/or Working with Children’s check.

Developing your hospitality career

With so many new opportunities developing in Australia it’s a great time to begin building your hospitality career. And the beauty of hospitality is the huge demand internationally for workers right across the sector.

Read about how to create How to create a hospitality career you can travel with to see how you can create a successful hospitality career that can take you around the world.

Find out if you can get certified for your existing hospitality experience through recognised prior learning (RPL) by completing the free 60 second skills test.

To find out more about RPL or to get started call our team on 13 17 75 or leave your details on our enquiry form.

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