Individual Profiling


There's no I in TEAM, but each individual contributes to your team in their own unique way. By leveraging each individual’s skills and strengths, you can make the team excel. 

Companies face a variety of issues surrounding their sales people, including:

  • lack of confidence in the company's approach;
  • inability to close sales despite many leads;
  • inability to meet targets;
  • reactive approach, rather than proactive attitude;
  • excuses costing the company money.

You might be tempted to replace your salespeople, but having invested money and time into employing them, it might be a good idea to find ways to help them perform better. 

Perhaps there are ways in which the work environment or processes can be changed to better suit their core characteristics, while still ensuring that they meet business objectives and targets. 

Skills Group Australia offers an individual profiling service whereby we will:

  • discover what motivates each person
  • establish whether they are goal oriented
  • identify leaders in your team
  • identify individuals who are best suited to supporting roles
  • ascertain whether staff can adapt to your audience

Individual profiling is an important methodology at Skills Group Australia and we use proven tools to identify your sales people's individual strengths and weaknesses to create the most effective teams. 

Take your team to the next level by leveraging each individual's best qualities. Get in touch with Skills Group Australia today.

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