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When it comes to choosing study, where you do it is almost as important as what course you choose. It affects not only what you can study and who you study under, but the kind of environment you study in, the kind of amenities you have available, and the kind of lifestyle you can lead. It’s critical that you pick an institution that offers you an overall positive experience.

At Skills Certified, we have strong connections to registered training organisations across the country, and can help you make the right start to the next stage in your career. In this blog, we’ll be giving you five reasons why Perth should be your city of choice when you’re looking to go through the recognition of prior learning program.

Great part-time employment opportunities

Perth is a growing city that offers a lot in terms of part-time and casual work. From hospitality to retail, construction to mining, there are a huge number of industries that are leading the recovery from the slump of the late 2000s. Finding somewhere that will offer rewarding, satisfying work is simple and easy.

Affordable housing

Perth’s median house price is one of the lowest in the country, with prices anywhere from a half to a quarter of those in Melbourne and Sydney. Across the city the median price hovers around half a million dollars, making hitting the 10 per cent minimum for a deposit pretty easy with a few years of saving.

A great standard of living

Once written off by arrogant easterners as a nowhere mining town, Perth has matured and expanded in the past few decades to offer all of the comforts and amenities of any of the country’s largest cities. From award-winning restaurants to trendy cafés, high-end boutiques and loads of shopping options, there’s something for everyone and every day of the week.

A path straight to a rewarding career

Depending on your course of study, you could find yourself sliding right into a role at one of the city’s leading companies. Perth is still the country’s hub for highly technical industries such as oil & gas, mining, manufacturing and certain forms of agriculture, so if any of these roles interest you, you could be in luck.

A wealth of local knowledge

Hand in hand with the above points are that if you’re looking to learn anything about the heavy industry, Perth is the place to go. Many of the world’s top experts flock to the city to trade tips and make connections, so you could find yourself speaking with some of the industry’s best.

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