R U OK Day: Coping with Stress on the Job Site and Taking Care of Your Mental Health

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      R U OK Day is a national day of action in Australia dedicated to promoting conversations about mental health and well-being. It encourages people to ask the simple yet powerful question, "Are you okay?" It's important because it raises awareness about mental health issues, reduces stigma, and fosters a culture of support and compassion among individuals and communities.

      Signs of stress can manifest in various ways. Look out for physical symptoms like headaches, emotional changes like mood swings, behavioural changes such as increased substance use, and cognitive changes like difficulty concentrating. Paying attention to these signs allows you to offer support.

      Managing stress on a job site involves several strategies. Take regular breaks, stay organised, communicate openly with colleagues, engage in physical activity, practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques, maintain a balanced diet, and consider seeking professional help when needed.

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