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When you think of trades most people usually think of physical activity, from electricians and builders to plumbers and landscapers, all of these jobs involve hard labour. But gone are the days when you could secure a job simply on reputation and skill alone, tradespeople need to highlight their qualifications in resumes too – most employers won’t accept your application without one.

If you are a tradesperson and want to explain your experience on paper to foremen and non-trades people, including those in HR, business managers or even administrators, we are here to offer you some tips. Writing a resume can be a challenging task for anyone, it can be difficult to put your working history down on paper, so let’s explore how you can accurately and engagingly do so.


The format of a tradesperson resume is standard, like all other CV’s. Writing a short and concise profile about yourself, what your objectives are and what you are looking to achieve are the main priorities of a resume outside of listing your experience. Your employer needs to quickly understand who you are, what you can do and what you want to do. Remember to keep this brief, as your employer may very well be a construction foreman who does not have a lot of time to complete HR work.

Your Experience & Expertise

This is the part of the resume where you can list all relevant work and jobs you have had. It is an opportunity to showcase your qualifications.A great way to lay out your experience is to write the name of the company you worked at, your title and then list your duties and primary skills in dot points below.

Be sure to focus on accomplishments and not menial responsibilities. Your resume needs to speak to your employer and be relevant to the role you are applying for. We understand that many tradespeople have a complicated chronological order of jobs completed, so just highlight the most recent companies you have worked with – 4 or 5 positions and accomplishments will suffice.

Make Yourself Stand Out

It can be hard to talk yourself up, even on paper, but just remember that all of your competition will be doing the exact same, and you need to stand out from the crowd. Ask yourself before writing anything: what have I achieved and how have I added value to my roles? Don’t overcomplicate it.

Let Skills Certified Help Fill in the Gaps

There is never a reason to assume that everyone in a company or industry knows what you do, so contact us at Skills Certified for help on completing your resume and getting your desired job.

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