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The 2018 Financial Year was a sumptuously fruitful one for many Aussie tradies. Thanks to a recent survey conducted by ServiceSeeking.com.au, trades workers from across the country have been compiled into an eye-popping ‘rich list’, in which we see a definite climb in hourly rates received. Australia’s top earning tradie, according to the findings, was a Melbourne-based builder, who took away a staggering $372 000, which saw him fit quite comfortably amongst the nation’s highest earners.

Rising Rates

Charge out rates are definitely on the way up across the country, which is music to the ears of hard-working tradies. Some of the largest average charge out rate increases were Gardeners at 8.5% ($44.40 to $48.18), Painters at 9.25% ($42.06 to $45.95), and Handymen at 11.97% ($50.67 to $56.73), whilst the highest charge was with Removalists at $93.24 (a 3.04% increase from 2017’s $90.49). Some big numbers.

The Top Ten

There was some variation across the country, but with Removalists’ average charge out rate being so high, they have taken a stronghold on the Top Ten lists, holding 50% of the coveted positions:

  • NSW Removalists at $95.21 per hour
  • SA Removalists at $94.83 per hour
  • WA Plumber at $92.22 per hour
  • NSW Plumber at $90.83 per hour
  • WA Removalist at $90.35 per hour
  • QLD Builder at $88.63 per hour
  • QLD Removalist at $87.77 per hour
  • WA Electrician at $85.23 per hour
  • VIC Removalist at $84.50 per hour
  • VIC Plumber at $82.95 per hour

Tradies of the Future

As with most things in life, these general increases in hourly rates across the trades industries are likely to be due to a myriad of factors (licensing, insurance premiums, etc.). It is likely safe to say one of the largest factors is the current labour shortage gripping the states across Australia. Encouraging children to go the ‘smarter route’ and attend university to obtain a ‘better job’ has resulted in the high demand and low supply of trades workers, leaving them earning more than many doctors, lawyers and accountants. Will this cause a societal shift back to accepting trades profession asnot only integral to our nation’s subsistence, but also a viable and prosperous career path for future generations?

Time will tell.

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