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Bricklayers are always in demand, and due to the nature of the work and the parts involved, can often command high prices for their work. Whether you’re a tradesperson looking to broaden their skillset, or a trainee wanting to enter a growing and highly value industry, bricklaying is the perfect choice.

At Skills Certified, we know all there is to know about helping people at every point in their career get the recognition they need for their skills. To help you make your first step a smart one, we’ve put together this short primer on how togo about entering this exciting industry.

No formal requirement for licensing

Bricklayers in Victoria do not require a separate ‘bricklaying license’, but must be accredited as a registered building practitioner. Building practitioners are organised into one of ten categories, but the ones relevant to bricklayers are domestic builders and commercial builders. Both are then separated again into unlimited and limited classes, with the former responsible for managing or arranging all components of building work, and the latter focused on one or several areas such as gates and fences, external cladding, bricklaying and blocklaying, framing and waterproofing.

This means that the path to a bricklaying certification is quite short and simple, ensuring that there’s less for an aspiring tradesperson to worry about on their journey to becoming a professional.

Make the smarter choice for your future

If you’re looking to rise high in the building industry, there are really only two ways to achieve it. Carpentry and bricklaying are the only structural construction trades, so a thorough understanding of one (or preferably both) can really help your career growth, helping you reach more powerful positions within in the industry. Bricklaying is a perfect choice for anyone looking to ultimately rise to a more managerial or planning role in domestic or commercial building, forcing you to broaden your horizons outside of a smaller area of the structure and get to grips with the bigger picture.

Getting the education you need

Bricklaying certifications are an excellent way to differentiate yourself. With no formal requirement for licensing, getting a qualification is a great way to stand apart from the pack, showing that you’re committed to this industry.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the recognition of prior learning framework to find out what kind of certifications you may be entitled to, speak to the team at Skills Certified today.

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