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As with many other technical repair skills, the process of air conditioning and refrigeration work is far more complex than it initially appears. Because of this, it is mandatory that those practicing air-conditioning and refrigeration repairs have a thorough understanding and competency in the repair of these systems.

In NSW, it is compulsory that a licence is obtained from Fair Trading NSW before any work is undertaken. This is regardless of the scope of the job itself (the costs involved, and whether the work performed is residential, commercial or industrial).

Understanding What is Required

For clarity, Fair Trading provide a series of definitions to ensure that what constitutes air-conditioning and refrigeration work is clear. These are as follows:

  • Any work required to install, maintain and service an air-conditioning system (other than a self-contained single-phase plug-in domestic air-conditioning system) in a structure, building, vessel, container or railway vehicle.
  • Work required to comply with the requirements of Australian Standard AS 1668.2 – 2002, the use of ventilation and air-conditioning in buildings, Part 2: Ventilation design for indoor air contaminant control.
  • Work required to comply with the requirements of Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3666:2002, Air-handling and water systems of buildings – Microbial control, relating to the maintenance of cooling towers.

Obtaining Your License

Skills Certified provide one of the necessary qualifications to ensure that you are completely qualified for any air-conditioning and refrigeration repairs. The Certificate III in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration (UEE32211) provides the means to repair a variety of air-conditioning systems. This goes beyond simple household air-conditioning systems, and includes a variety of industrial and commercial food storage and air preservation equipment. In offering this, the Certificate III in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration is an excellent starting point for the comprehensive understanding of a variety of cooling units commonly found in both businesses and residential homes.

Furthering Your Study

For those wanting to develop their skills even further, Skills Certified also provide an Advanced Diploma of Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering. By pursuing this qualification, those wishing to design and evaluate air conditioning and refrigeration systems and equipment with a basis on regulatory requirements will be able to do so in a professional context.

Begin Your Qualification Today

If you’re interested in pursuing air-conditioning and refrigeration repair and maintenance as a career, Skills Certified are here to help you every step of the way. Get in touch today, and begin your journey to being able to select, install, test, service, troubleshoot, repair and maintain air conditioning and refrigeration systems and equipment with ease.

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