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One of the quintessential associations of Aussie tradies is a trusty dog riding with tools in the back of a dusty ute. Back in the ‘old days’, a tradie always brought their best friend along to help guard the equipment whilst everyone else was busy at work. The iconic dynamic has been passed down through generations of Australian tradies, but does the practise still have a place on modern, everyday worksites?

A helping hand (and paw)

Australia continues to have one of the world’s largest percentage of dog ownership in the world. Whether it is to teach young children the responsibility of caring for something other than themselves, or having another heartbeat around the house to keep anxiety & depression at bay, there are many benefits in the companionship of a dog. Considering the stressful demands most tradies face on a daily basis, having a dog by your side might be just make that little easier.

RSPCA Queensland Spokesman Michael Beatty says, “The most common tradie dogs do tend to be working dogs or working dog crosses such as blue heelers, kelpies, bull arabs, staffies, American and English bull terriers,” – all breeds that frequently fill up shelters. Many potential dog owners are hesitant to owning these breeds as they are perceived as aggressive and uncontrollable, but with attentive training and affection they are as well behaved as any other breed, and could prove invaluable guarding on a worksite.

Check ahead

It’s only natural not every member of the population is a dog-lover, but this can become a problem when those people are your clients. If they are cat owners or have small children, it is unlikely they will want a foreign pooch introduced to their space. If you are the type of tradie that likes to bring their furry partner to the worksite, it is always a good idea to check ahead first to see if your clients mind, to avoid any unnecessary hassle.

As a side note, if they do say yes, that doesn’t mean your dog is free to behave in any way it deems fit, either. If any ‘deposits’ are left across the lawn, for example, the onus is on the tradie to clean it up!

How it helps the business

Did you know pet food, vet bills, and perhaps even training can be claimed for your dog if it is utilised in your role as a tradie (for example, protecting the tools and equipment in the tray of your ute)? This is just one of the many benefits of having a tradie dog by your side during the workday. As long as you’re respectful of those around you, it can be a blossoming work dynamic that can reward you throughout your career.

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