Get What You Deserve: Tips for Negotiating Better Pay and Benefits

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      Signs of being underpaid include stagnant wages, a salary significantly below industry standards, or discovering that colleagues in similar roles earn more. Research industry averages and salary benchmarks to gauge your situation.

      If your employer refuses to discuss a pay raise, consider scheduling a formal meeting to present your case. During the meeting, provide evidence of your accomplishments and contributions to the company. If negotiations remain unproductive, you may need to explore other job opportunities.

      In this day and age, it’s very acceptable to negotiate benefits to improve work-life balance, or help achieve long term career goals. Benefits can include health insurance, retirement contributions, flexible work hours, extended leave options, parental leave, and more. Remember that your benefits should align with what you want but also be achievable for your employer to provide to you.

      To demonstrate your worth to your employer, compile a list of your achievements, responsibilities, and contributions. Consider sharing positive feedback or commendations from colleagues or clients. Emphasise how investing in your growth benefits the company, such as acquiring new skills or qualifications.

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