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If you're planning to work as a contractor or own a trades business in the building and construction industry in Queensland, understanding the licences required is essential. The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) manages over 80 licences for various roles in the industry. Knowing which licence to apply for depends on your intended role, the scope of work you'll be undertaking, and whether you meet the eligibility requirements. It's important to ensure that you only carry out building work within the scope of your licence type. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the different trade licences available in Queensland.

Qld Builder and Builder Restricted Licences

Builder licences are crucial for individuals or companies involved in various aspects of building construction. These licences allow you to undertake and manage building projects within specific limits. The type of builder licence you require depends on the class of building work you'll be undertaking. Builder Restricted Licence are available for tradespeople who specialise in specific building work, such as carpentry or bricklaying.

Qld Plumbing and Drainage Licences

Plumbing and drainage licences are necessary for professionals working in the plumbing industry. These licences ensure that individuals have the skills and knowledge required to carry out plumbing and drainage work safely and efficiently. Various classes of plumbing and drainage licences are available, including those for roof plumbing, gasfitting, and sanitary plumbing.

Qld Mechanical Services Licences

Mechanical services licences are essential for individuals working with heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. These licences cover the installation, maintenance, and repair of mechanical services equipment. Depending on the specific tasks and systems you'll be working on, different classes of mechanical services licences are available.

Qld Fire Protection Licences

Fire protection licences are required for professionals involved in installing, inspecting, and maintaining fire safety systems and equipment. These licences ensure that individuals have the necessary skills and knowledge to handle fire protection work. Various classes of fire protection licences are available, including those for fire sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, and fire detection and alarm systems.

Qld Building and Hydraulic Design Licences

Building and hydraulic design licences are necessary for professionals involved in designing building structures and hydraulic systems. These licences ensure that individuals possess the expertise required to create safe and functional building designs. Depending on the scope of your design work, different classes of building and hydraulic design licences are available.

Qld Inspector and Certifier Licences

Inspector and certifier licences are required for individuals involved in inspecting and certifying building and construction work. These licences ensure that individuals have the necessary qualifications and knowledge to assess compliance with relevant regulations and standards. Depending on your area of expertise, different classes of inspector and certifier licences are available.

Obtaining the right trade licence is crucial for working legally and ensuring your competence in the specific area of the building and construction industry. It's important to review the specific requirements and eligibility criteria for each licence type to ensure compliance. For personalised guidance on the trade licences required in Queensland, consult the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) or reach out to Skills Certified. We are here to assist you throughout the licensing process, ensuring your compliance and success in the industry.

Please note that Skills Certified acts as a valuable resource to guide you through the process and provide information, but we are not a licensing authority. It's essential to consult with the QBCC or regulatory bodies to obtain up-to-date and accurate information on trade licences.


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