The Future of Work and Upskilling through RPL for Job Security

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      RPL works by recognizing the skills and knowledge people have gained through their real-world experience. It allows them to showcase their expertise and receive formal qualifications that align with their practical skills, ensuring they remain valuable and adaptable in the job market.

      Yes, RPL offers a pathway for people to transition to new career paths or explore opportunities in different industries. By getting recognised qualifications through RPL, individuals can pivot their careers and access diverse job opportunities beyond their initial qualifications.

      The evidence required for the RPL process can vary based on the qualifications being pursued. It may include work samples, references from employers or clients, certificates, licences, transcripts, or any other documentation that demonstrates the applicant's skills and experience in the relevant field.

      Absolutely, obtaining formal qualifications through RPL enhances a person’s employability and confidence in the job market, and in many cases creates a pathway to trade licensing. It showcases a commitment to continuous learning and growth, making them more desirable to employers seeking adaptable and skilled individuals.

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