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A new initiative to make New South Wales the "tradie and jobs capital" of Australia has seen the state government provide free apprenticeships for those looking to pursue a trade. Approximately 100,000 apprenticeships will be offered in both TAFEs and non-TAFE providers for free as part of the four-year, $285 million plan.

This new measure is useful in two different ways – both to boost the number of tradies in the state and to remove barriers that may have been previously made gaining an apprenticeship more difficult than necessary.

Looking to create a brighter future for tradies in NSW

This new move from the state government has received considerable support from a variety of NSW officials. New South Wales Deputy Premier John Barilarohas stated that the new initiative was introduced as the government wanted "to get rid of the final obstacle we believe is an impediment.”

"This, I hope, will turbocharge how many people will look at becoming a tradie going forward," he went on to say.

Stephen Cartwright,chief executive of the NSW Business Chamber,looks to the initiative to help remedy shortages of tradies in regional areas in New South Wales. "Getting young Australians into an apprenticeship and building a quality workforce is fundamental to future economic and social prosperity," he said.

Do I qualify for a free apprenticeship?

Finding out if you qualify for one of these free courses is easy – there are currently more than 120 different apprenticeship courses available in NSW that will no longer demand a $2000 qualification free from students.

Employers will similarly not have to pay for the qualification training for their new apprentices. It’s easy to see that this scheme is an excellent way to also help businesses throughout the state grow by allowing them a highly valuable head start. In these cases, The NSW Government pays the course fee directly to the Smart and Skilled training provider.

Ready to begin the exciting journey to becoming a tradesperson?

With the potential for huge savings, becoming an apprentice in NSW is becoming easier than ever.These free apprenticeships will be available to keen future tradies from July 1, meaning there is no reason to put it off any longer.

For those that might already have the skills necessary to receive qualifications, consider using the free skills check provided by Skills Certified – with this great tool you can quickly and easily find if the experience you already have can save you from unnecessary education.

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