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Worksites can be a diverse environment, filled with all sorts of distinct characters. To best prepare you, Skills Certified has assembled 5 types of tradies you are likely to meet on site!

The Battler

‘Let’s try get this done before 3.’

Battlers aren’t just in it for the money. They love the early morning rises, smell of hard work, and gleam of a job well done – all the better if it’s ahead of schedule, too. If the Battler sees a mate struggling, they will not hesitate to lend some help, always of the belief that two hands are better than one. Carrying half the weight, staying back to expedite another’s task, or even just offering some encouraging words are their norm. Sure, they can irk those workers who appreciate an extended breather from time to time, but it is a known fact that having a Battler on site is guaranteed to bring out everyone’s best.

The Serial Break-Taker

‘Smoko yet?’

The Serial Break-Taker can be the bane of the Battler’s life. Sometimes work on site can be a silent endeavour, which is torturous for the Serial Break-Taker.Even if it’s only just gone 10 o’clock, they will already be itching to pull over the milk crates and relax with their mates for a feed and a good chat. Unfortunately, this can get quite distracting, both for the Serial Break-Taker, and the staff around them.

The Joker

‘Oi, watch this.’

Spirits are low, the client is impatient, and the unrelenting sun is beating down on the peeling necks of hard-working tradies. When life on the worksite gets a bit tough, the Joker makes it a little bit more bearable. They hold their own when work becomes monotonous, but always knows when to ease the tension with a well-timed joke. Whether it’s flipping hard hats onto their heads off shovels or making the kind-hearted jab at the Serial Break-Taker, every gag is filled with compassion and is sure to bring the team closer together.

The Hero

‘No stress, I’ve got a bit of background in it.’

Jobs will spring up that bend or extend the specific parameters of a tradie’s skillset. Luckily, every worksite usually hasa Hero. Thisis a tradie with a mysterious past working in an unspecified amount of industries, capable of pulling out unexpected abilities like a magician plucking doves from their sleeves. If someone is off sick, a contractor is a no-show, or if the client merely wants something done without delay, when the team finds themselves short, the Hero steps up.

The Rookie

‘Sure…I can do that.’

These are usually the apprentices at the bottom of the ladder. The worst jobs will pass through the ranks and land square with the Rookie, who (as they are desperate to be accepted by the larger group), can only take it on the chin and smile. They frequently ride the Battler’s coat tails, are always included in the Joker’s gags, and will likely even be the one who organises the milk crates for the Serial Break-Taker. Though it might feel like slave labour, there is an unquestionable affection felt for the Rookie by the wider worksite, one that usually carries through until they transition into another of the types above.

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