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No matter where you are around Australia, the IT world is growing at a rapid pace and the demand for professionals in the industry is ever increasing. But the market is not evenly distributed. While many places around the country offer job opportunities in IT, we at Skills Certified would argue that Melbourne should be high up on any IT professional’s list of prospective places of employment. Offering a fantastic quality of life, rich career opportunities and the chance to work alongside some internationally recognised talent, it’s the place to be. To help you make an informed choice and to give you a leg up on the competition, we have provided the top reasons to consider working in IT in Melbourne. 

Where the jobs are

Victoria blends a nationally-leading standard of living with one of the largest and most dynamic tech job markets in the country. Arguably on par with Sydney in terms of the sophistication and complexity of the local tech industry, Melbourne offers ample opportunity for budding tech workers to dive into some of the most exciting and cutting-edge work in the country very early in their career. With industries from consumer hardware to video game development and credit card processing represented by the local tech sector, there’s real scope for new workers to find a job that not only matches their skills and supports their lifestyle but reflects their interests and passions.

The tech capital of Australia

With some of the largest tech companies housed within Victoria’s borders it’s no wonder that more and more IT students are coming to study in Melbourne. The density of tech knowledge in the state – home to such international luminaries as IBM, Microsoft, and Intel, amongst thousands of promising and dynamic start-ups – means that there’s a depth of institutional knowledge in the state and a huge number of potential job openings to the dedicated networker.

Gaining your qualification

Whether life has gotten in the way of you finishing your qualification, or you’ve worked in an adjacent field and are looking to leverage your experience in a new industry, we’re here for you. The team at Skills Certified knows your circumstances may change, but you deserve to have formal recognition for your knowledge and experience in the industry. No matter if you are in Victoria or in another state we can help you gain your qualification you deserve so you can move upwards and upwards in your career. 

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