The Construction Sectors with the Most Job Growth Predicted for 2022

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      If you don’t have any prior experience, you can apply for entry-level jobs to get your foot in the door, such as an apprenticeship or as a trade’s assistant. If you want to get into construction management, you’ll likely need qualifications.

      You can boost your qualifications with online training, or by getting RPL certification. Having qualifications can make you more valuable to employers, increase your earning potential, keep your resume relevant and create greater opportunities for career growth.

      RPL can assist with helping you to achieve a formal qualification in 2022. It allows you to avoid repeat training for skills you’ve already developed in the workforce, increases career prospects and enables you to continue working and earning an income whilst getting your qualification.

      If you’re just starting out and don’t have any job-specific skills or qualifications, you can still get a job in the construction industry. General skills looked for by employers include adaptability, communication skills, time management, problem solving, organisation, resilience and a willingness to learn.

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