Trade Jobs a Key Player in Occupational Skills Shortages

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment often carry out research to identify skill shortages in the Australian Labour market to h....

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24 August 2020

How to create work satisfaction

We spend the majority of our waking day at work. In fact, it’s estimated we spend over a third of our lives working.....

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13 March 2020

Shortage of Mining Workers

A shift is occurring in the WA mining sector. The lucratively high salaries that once drew in scores of applications is no longer enough to ....

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10 January 2019

The Benefits of Becoming a Tradie

Tradies and worksites vary across the country. From the landscaping on a sprawling,suburban mansion, to gutting the innards of a city skyscr....

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11 December 2018

Managing the Skilled Workers Shortage in the Australian Mining Industry

The Australian mining industry is suffering huge job vacancies, making it ideal for skilled migrant workers looking for great incomes. We ex....

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06 August 2018

5 Reasons You Should Move To Perth (While Getting Your RPL)

When it comes to choosing study, where you do it is almost as important as what course you choose.....

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19 February 2018

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