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Education and Training Courses $92.5B boost to Economy

A new report released by the Australia Institute’s Centre for Future Work has praised the education and training courses system as it ....

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13 September 2020

Top 11 Sites for FREE Online Education

As well as Skills Certified’s partnered registered training organisations, there is a whole sea of other institutions and websites tha....

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02 September 2020

The Challenges of being Workforce Ready & Opportunities for VET

Being ‘Workforce Ready’ can represent a different meaning to different groups of participants within the labour market.....

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28 August 2020

What Can Be Achieved in the Fabrication Trade

In this blog, we explore the fabrication trade: its origins, how you can get started, and the career opportunities open to you. ....

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06 November 2019

5 Common Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Sure, every job and corresponding interview will be different, but can you ever be too prepared? The answer is ‘no’, which is wh....

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13 September 2019

How Important are Qualifications to Getting a Job?

If you are concerned with how important qualifications are when applying for a new job, be sure to read this blog from the team at Skills Ce....

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27 August 2019

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