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If you’ve got a passion for electronics and a love of solving problems, then an electrical engineering technician may be for you. An extremely exciting field, choosing to become qualified as an electrical engineer offers fantastic career prospects, an above national average salary and the chance to stretch your brain in some challenging projects.

There are a number of qualifications that can get you well on your way to a career as an engineering technician, including Diploma of Electrical Project Management and a Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology – Electrical. If you’re looking for a change and have always had a love of problem solving, let us show you why becoming an engineering technician is the choice for you.

The boots on the ground

An engineering technician is directly responsible for carrying out much of the work in a project. from research and development to implementation or operation, they’re at the frontlines, working to make sure that every detail is absolutely perfect. In this role, you’ll get to know state-of-the-art equipment, conduct experiments, collect data and calculate results, and have the chance to contribute towards the development of new technology. For anyone who wants a more practical approach to their workday, an engineering technician is the perfect role.

Work in some of the world’s most exciting sectors

There are engineering technicians working on every kind of project. From aviation to automotive technology, civil engineering, materials, plastics and beyond, there’s call for engineering technicians in every kind of manufacturing and problem-solving role. Whether you’ve always dreamed of helping to build planes, want to devise new and more efficient mining equipment and techniques, or want to work in the cutting-edge of robotics, this role opens a diverse range of doors leading all over the planet.

Exceptional career advancement prospects

Not only does becoming an engineering technician offer a breadth of choice, it’s also a great stepping stone on to greater things. While becoming an engineer requires the completion of an undergraduate engineering course at a university, engineering technicians can rise to positions of considerable seniority and expect to be handsomely paid after several years in the industry.

Engineering technicians may also be able to rise to the position of an engineering technologist in a company. This role is much more focused on application rather than theory and after years of experience may lead teams of tertiary-qualified engineers.

If you’d like to know more about what’s required to convert your experience into an engineering technician qualification, speak to the team at Skills Certified today.

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