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Website Terms and Conditions

In these Terms, “You” represents you, the consumer or visitor to the site; and “We” and “Us” represents Skills Group Australia Pty Ltd (Skills Certified).

Use of and access to the Skills Certified website skillscertified.com.auand the services that are provided via the Website are conditional of the following Terms, which could be subject to occasional updates.

1. Your Acceptance

  1. 1. These are the Terms through which Skills Certified authorises consumers to use and access the Website; including using the range of capabilities made available through the Website such as reviewing service information, viewing content provided by Skills Certified and mutually exchanging information and communicating with Skills Certified.
  2. 2. You agree to be obligated by these Terms by:
    1. 1. Browsing, utilizing or accessing any section of the Website
    2. 2. Registering as a user through the website; or
    3. 3. Using any functionality or operation made available via the Website.
  3. 3. These Terms may be subject to occasional change as we review and update them in line with new regulations, laws, rules, technologies or products. Your usage of the website will be administered and conducted by the most recent version of our Terms detailed on the Website. By continuing your usage of the website, you agree to be controlled and governed by these Terms and it is your responsibility to be aware of the most recent version of these Terms.
  4. 4. The website may go through changes at any point without warning and may be subject to errors.

2. Using any functionality and operations made available via the Website

  1. 1. Your usage of the website will be administered and conducted by the most recent version of our Terms detailed on the website.
  2. 2. Skills Certified provides the opportunity for its Website users and consumers to use the functionalities and services made available via the Website. By being a user of these functionalities or services made available via the Website, you are offering to use our operations subject to these Terms.

3. Availability

  1. 1. You should be aware that some countries may have specific import rules and restrictions on certain services. If you are residing over-seas outside of Australia, it is your responsibility to check whether said rules and restrictions apply prior to utilizing the functionalities and operations made available via the website.
  2. 2.Skills Certified reserves the right to adjust the functionalities and services made available via the website on occasion as required. We reserve the right to adjust information without notice to you if an error is detected. Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse usage of functionalities and operations made available via the website based on information on the website that is out-of-date, otherwise incorrect or for any other reason.

4. Content

  1. 1. Skills Certified has the right, but not the liability to audit and survey any information, course content, communication, comment, text, advice or other material posted on to or made accessible via the Website. Skills Certified reserves the right, in its complete own judgment, to block, edit or delete any Content within the Website without warning and does not hold any liability for possible consequences of such conducts.
  2. 2. The Content on the Website is for general information gathering intentions only. Moreover, Skills Certified does not authorize or make any representations as to any third party services detailed or mentioned on the Website including any courses offered by any company or body that administers education services or referral services who is a registered member or user of Skills Certified (Education Provider). Any usages of Skills Certified materials, content or information by another organisation, entity or person is at the user/member’s own risk.
  3. 3. The Content within the website is gathered and refined from various resources including but not limited to Education Providers, associations and combinations with third parties and information supplied by third parties under license. Inclusion of Content within this Website is not an endorsement of any product, service, organisation or Education Provider.
  4. 4. You agree that you are completely and entirely responsible for reviewing any courses detailed on the Website by an Education Provider to affirm the course’s suitability to your needs and requirements, the content of the qualification and any courses promoted by the Education Provider for persons completing the course.
  5. 5. While careful attention and care has been taken in assembling the Content on this Website, Skills Certified and its related entities, parties, employees, officers, volunteers, agents, directors, contractors and subcontractors will not accept any liability for any damage or loss resulting from the reliance on the Content, or for its credibility, precision, correctness or completeness.
  6. 6. You agree that you are completely and entirely responsible for any content that you have communicated or otherwise provided on the Website or to any Education Provider. You authorize and represent that any Content that you communicate or otherwise supply will not breach these Terms or the Privacy Policy in place.
  7. 7. If you have any complaint in relation to any Content, Skills Certified’s only responsibility will be to examine any complaint, and if is in any question of Content, in its sole discretion, to edit or delete the specific content.

5. Links

  1. 1. The Website may include Links to other websites, inclusive of those of Education Providers, referral operation providers or advertising partners. Skills Certified supplies those Links as a prepared source or reference for searching for third party goods and services on the web and strictly not as an endorsement or advertisement of those web pages, their goods, services or content.
  2. 2. Other web pages and Social Media platforms that are linked to the Website (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google), are not covered by these Terms, and may or may not have their own Terms and Conditions and own Privacy Policy. If you click on any links to other Websites and choose to access other Websites, it is at your own risk. Skills Certified is not responsible for such actions and will not be liable in any way of the content or functionality of other webpages, or any operations, goods, services or content they cover. Skills Certified is not responsible or liable for any false links to external web pages.

6. Access and communication

  1. 1. Skills Certified does not guarantee that you will have complete and ongoing access to the Website, subject to the consumer guarantees as stated in consumer protection legislation (including the Australian Consumer Law). On the occasion that the Website is not available for a reason of computer downtime due to upgrades, impairments, preventative or remedial maintenance tasks or interruption in telecommunications provisions.
  2. 2. Skills Certified does not warrant the transfer or transmit of communications via the internet which rely on third party providers, such as electronic communication (including electronic mail) may be subject to interference by third parties and Skills Certified does not warrant the privacy or security of these communications or the privacy or security of the Website.
  3. 3. Skills Certified does not provide or govern communications, services or networks the internet or other technologies used or required over the Website and does not accept responsibility for any loss, directly or indirectly, in any structure connected to them, whether because of congestion, viruses, technical faults or otherwise.
  4. 4. Information detailed on the Website in relation to goods and services have been created in line with Australian law and may not align with laws of other countries. Skills Certified does not guarantee that:
    1. 1. The services or goods made available via the Website; or
    2. 2. The content on the Website,
    3. 3. Align with the laws of other countries. It is the responsibility of yourself to check whether the goods or services abide by the laws of your jurisdiction.
  5. 5. If you are outside of Australia accessing the Website, you do so by your own risk.

7. Comparative Information

  1. 1. Skills Certified may pool and share the Content and information you and other Skills Certified consumers of the operations and functionalities of the Website share with us (Comparative Information) and take and use that information and Content usage in an unidentified conduct which adheres to our Privacy Policy. The Comparative Information will be a collection of general information detailing the consumers procedures and usages of the Skills Certified services and operations of the Website. The information gathered and the way in which we publish that information will not be identifiable to the specific consumer of Skills Certified’s services and operations of the Website.
  2. 2. You grant a loyalty-free, non-exclusive license to Skills Certified to be a user of the Comparative Information during and thereafter your usage of our services and operations of the Website (including if you choose to stop your enquiry) and for any other purposes as we see as necessary supplied usage of the Comparative Information as complying with our Privacy Policy and all relevant laws.

8. Privacy

Any personal information shared by you to Skills Certified will be treated in accordance with Skills Certified’s Privacy Policy. You agree that, as a user of the Website or mutually sharing information with Skills Certified, have read and understand the Privacy Policy and consent and agree with its procedures and requirements.

9. Intellectual property

  1. 1. All intellectual property rights, including copyright and patents, within the Website, Skills Certified’s services and goods, and all elements within them are owned or licensed by Skills Certified or any of its related bodies. You must not copy, edit or transmit any section or element of the website.
  2. 2. The Website includes logos, trademarks, service and trade names of Skills Certified and other third parties which may be registered or otherwise covered by law. You are not obligated to make use of any trademark, logos, trade or service names or any other Content or copies of Content from the Website.

10. Website licence and use

Skills Certified grants you with a non-transferable and non-exclusive license to make use of the Website for personal use in line with the regulations and restrictions specified in Clause 11. Other than page caching, you must not download or edit the Website or any section of the Website. Any Content that you upload or share on the website or otherwise supply or communicate with Skills Certified will be considered as non-confidential and non-proprietary information.

11. Prohibited uses

  1. 1. Whilst using the Website you must not:
    1. 1. Take part in any commercial pursuits, inclusive of advertising, marketing, commercial promotion of services or goods, resale, gather and make use of any product listing or pricing to benefit other entities, data mine or use robots or other data collection procedures;
    2. 2. Falsely claim to represent or impersonate a person or entity as other than themselves;
    3. 3. Harass, abuse, stalk, threaten, defame or otherwise breach the legal rights of others, including without limitation, rights relating to privacy and publicity;
    4. 4. Share, upload, link to, post, or otherwise distribute or communicate any unlawful material such as infringing, obscene, indecent, defamatory, profane or inappropriate information or otherwise within the website, or make use of the Website in a manner which would unlawfully infringe the rights of another person or entity including any intellectual property rights; or
    5. 5. Share, upload, link to, post or otherwise distribute or communicate any material, items or information which may contain or behold any virus or other disruptive or harmful component.
  2. 2. Unauthorised usages of the Website could potentially give way to a claim for damages and/or could potentially lead to legal proceedings being taken against you.
  3. 3. Skills Certified does not guarantee and supplies no warranties that any program, file, usage or access to the Website is free from malware, viruses or any other harmful technology or materials which could potentially harm, infect or damage your hardware, software, data or other equipment. By making use of and accessing the Website, you accept all risk and discharge Skills Certified from all applicable responsibility and liability in this regard.

12. Termination of your usageof the Website

Skills Certified have the right to at any time, without warning and in its sole discretion, cut off your usage (including restricting access) of the Website or any functionality of the Website for any reason (including due to your violation or alleged violation of these Terms). Any reimbursements you give and any limitations of our liability may withstand such termination.

13. Disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability

  1. 1. Skills Certified, to the full extent obligated by law, excludes all warranties, whether implied or expressed, including any warranties or representations in regards to the availability of the Website completeness, credibility, accuracy, quality, acceptability, suitability or fitness for purpose with regards to the Website, it’s Content, the behaviour of any consumers or users, all links from or to the Website and the services and goods marketed, advertised and available on the Website.
  2. 2. Skills Certified, in regards to the consumer warrants supplied for in consumer protection legislation (including the Australian Consumer Law), excludes all liability for any damage, claim, loss, expense or cost whatsoever that is a result of or linked with the services and goods detailed, marketed, advertised, accessible or sold on the Website.
  3. 3. Skills Certified, in regards to the consumer warrants supplied for in consumer protection legislation (including the Australian Consumer Law), excludes all liability for any damage, claim, loss, expense or cost whatsoever that is a result of or linked with these Terms, the Website, the Content, all links to or from the Website.
  4. 4. Notwithstanding anything in clause 13, in the circumstance that Skills Certified is accountable for a violation of these Terms, the maximum extent of Skills Certified’saccountability is limited at its absolute own discretion to either providing the services again or the cost of having the services provided again.

14. Indemnity

You agree to compensate in full Skills Certified, and it’s officers, employees, directors, agents, consultants and affiliates in light of all damage, loss, costs, expenses (including legal fees on a full compensation basis), penalties, fines, claims, demands and proceedings however they arise, whether under statue or common law (including negligence), in association with any of the following:

  1. 1. any violation of these Terms by you;
  2. 2. your usage or access of the Website; or
  3. 3. your communications with Skills Certified.

15. Jurisdiction and law

These Terms are controlled and administered by and must be perceived in line with the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia. You comply to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales and the Commonwealth of Australia in light of all involvements relating to these Terms, their performance and subject matter.

16. Waiver

If you violate these Terms and we do nottake action, we will still be authorized to exercise our remedies and rights in any other situation thereafter where you violate these Terms.

17. Severability

Each section of these Terms is divisible from each other and no severance of each section will affect another section.

18. Entire Agreement

These Terms comprise the entirety of the agreement of the parties and override any and all previous and contemporaneous agreements between you and Skills Certified. Any waiver of any section of these Terms will be effective only if in writing and signed by a Director of Skills Certified.

19. Contacting us

Please contact us if you have questions about the Website, these Terms or Privacy Policy