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Where Will the Job Opportunities be in 2021?

11th January 2021

After a year of record unemployment, numerous industries are celebrating new job opportunities and a more positive outlook for job creation in the wake of 2021.

Many will be glad to see the back of the international hardships of COVID-19 throughout 2020, including job losses and rock-bottom employment rates; and are excited for a fresh beginning.

But the question is, which industries are in high demand in the new year and what sectors will be employing?

Labourers; you’re in luck!

Of all occupations, sectors and industries, the demand for labourers and tradies grew the most in the year of 2020. Proving to be the most resilient industry during a year where many sectors were resentfully affected and almost completely wiped out for uncertain periods of time.

High demand for Construction Industry

Chris Kent, who runs the Perth office of international recruitment firm, Hays, explains where most industries struggled during the year of 2020, the Construction industry managed to stay afloat in many sectors, where the demand for labourers and tradies grew the most over all other occupations. This demand was a huge industry win, enabling job security to remain somewhat unharmed and job losses to be at a lower rate than other industries.

Since the peak of the pandemic in April 2020, The National Skills Commission said the most distinct improvement in recruitment nationally over 2020 had been for labourers and tradies, with job advertisements up by 133 per cent —about 7,500 jobs.

Queensland and Western Australia were the two states boasting the strongest growth in adverts for labourers and tradies with the main sectors driving the recruitment being mining, construction, farming and forestry.

During the summer holiday period, the recruitment industry normally takes a break as employment eases off until the new year, but Mr Kent added that this was not the case this year.

Concerns about skills shortages meant that employers were trying to get ahead of the crowd, especially in key sought-after trades due to the State and Federal home building grants and resilient mining sector.

"Proactive companies are worried about not getting the jump on their competitors in terms of attracting talent in the New Year," Mr Kent explained.

"There's a real need to make sure that people secure their talent in that first quarter, as the world starts to improve, and the vaccine starts to be released both around Australia and around the world.

"And hopefully that will coincide with some of those constraints on talent lifting … not just the interstate borders, but also the international borders."

More specifically the emerging tradie occupations that are set to have a rewarding 2021 are:

  • Solar installers
  • Energy efficiency engineers
  • Wind turbine technicians
  • Hazardous materials labourers

2020 has been a turbulent rollercoaster of a year, but the growth of employment rates in certain sectors provides some welcomed stability for many job seekers, employees and employers as we continue to take back some control and navigate through the pandemic in the new year of 2021.


Written by Sophie Cunningham; 11th January 2021