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Lollipop Ladies Sweeten Roadside Aggravation

15th May 2019

Limiting the road rage that can come hand in hand with road works doesn’t sound like an easy task, but bosses in construction are reporting that Lollipop Ladies have the skills needed when it comes to calming impatient motorists. 

The construction industry is known for being a male-dominated world, with female workers often a rarity. But now, with their hard hats and gentle natures, women are proving that they belong in the roles once thought to be reserved only for men.
Brianna Higgins, a female traffic controller from Brighton-Le-Sands, recently explained to the Sydney Morning Herald that although she is often faced with aggravated men who are irritated by delays, they respond far better to her than to her male co-workers. 
Reports are showing that more and more women are now leaving their jobs in traditionally female-dominated industries, such as beauty therapy and nannying, to try their hand at roles in construction. According to business manager of Sydney-based Traffic Controllers, Gerard Mitchell, 80 per cent of their 50 controllers are women. 
Flexible working hours and high salaries are just two of the perks drawing women to traffic controller positions, with traffic control also being a great entry point from which women are able to move into other construction roles or complete apprenticeships.