Top Occupations Granted Permanent Residency Visas in 2019-20

Over 140,000 permanent residency visas were granted in the Migration Programme of 2019-20, of which over 95,000 were granted to Skil....

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29 October 2020

Weld Australia Calls For More Female Tradies to Join the Industry to Aid Economic Recovery Post Covid-19

The Federal Government recently announced their 2020-21 budget, issuing a substantial portion of $1.2 billion to fund the employment of 100,....

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28 October 2020

Federal Government Announces Record Funding for Education Sector in 2020-21 Budget

Education sector celebrates as the government dedicates a plentiful portion of federal budget 2020-21 to rebuilding and securing the workfor....

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08 October 2020

Australia’s Unemployment Rates Drop after August Job Creation Surge

A rare announcement of good news regarding our economy this week, as almost half of Australia’s job losses have been recovered; with a....

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18 September 2020

Qld Govt $37.6M Investment Package

The Queensland Government’s cash splash continues as a new training investment package worth $37.6 million is announced. ....

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12 September 2019

Qld Builders to Face Tougher Financial Regulations

Queensland builders will be required to comply with new reporting requirements from the end of this year, in sweeping changes implemented by....

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28 August 2019

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