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2021 Looking Up for Jobseekers, as Unemployment Rates Shrink

11th January 2021

A recent swell in job advertisements foreshadows a significant decline in unemployment for 2021, which comes as welcoming news for job seekers looking for work this new year.

2020 was a cruel year for many individuals who sacrificed their jobs to the pandemic and thereafter spent the rest of the year looking for work in a dried up, fruitless labour market. Therefore, this news of a job advertisement surge and the uprise of new job creation is a long awaited victory for job seekers who have still not found work.

According to the ANZ Bank Job Advertisements index, which is a far-reaching source gauging how eager recruiters and companies are for new employees, the amount of job ads rose 13% in November and 9% in December. This huge climb is an 18-month high, after record levels of unemployment have devastated individuals, companies and businesses across the country for most of this year.

Economists predict that if the number of jobs advertisements continues to improve, the official unemployment rate could quickly decline.

This wave of job creation throughout November and December came at the same time as the new vaccine for COVID-19 was announced, and as industries continue to recover, there is a more focused interest for more services and products as restrictions slowly lift. The road to normality increases the demand for many industries, in particular trade and services, logistics and warehousing, healthcare, all areas of hospitality and many areas of accounting such as payroll and credit control.

Although regardless of the industry you work in, Job Advertisement website Seek’s employment analyst Lee Brodrick says that it is still important to focus on standing out from the crowd when going through an application process. Brodrick adds that his most important tip for jobseekers, is to always be aware that you are in competition for a role, and just because you may be able to ‘do’ the job, does not always mean you will be the best fit. Always make sure your potential employer is aware that you understand what they are looking for. Avoid disappointment by:

  1. Determine what the employer is looking for
  2. Focus and fixate your attention
  3. Apply yourself and confidently prove why you would be an asset in regard to what the employer requires

This job creation surge plus a focused attention and manifestation to succeed will mean the odds of employment are confidently in your favor.


Written by Sophie Cunningham; 11th January 2021