Workplace Bullying in the Construction Industry

MATES in Construction recently commissioned a review in correspondence with Central Queensland University looking into Workplace Bullying in....

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03 November 2020

Top Occupations Granted Permanent Residency Visas in 2019-20

Over 140,000 permanent residency visas were granted in the Migration Programme of 2019-20, of which over 95,000 were granted to Skil....

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29 October 2020

Weld Australia Calls For More Female Tradies to Join the Industry to Aid Economic Recovery Post Covid-19

The Federal Government recently announced their 2020-21 budget, issuing a substantial portion of $1.2 billion to fund the employment of 100,....

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28 October 2020

Federal Government Announces Record Funding for Education Sector in 2020-21 Budget

Education sector celebrates as the government dedicates a plentiful portion of federal budget 2020-21 to rebuilding and securing the workfor....

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08 October 2020

Australia’s Unemployment Rates Drop after August Job Creation Surge

A rare announcement of good news regarding our economy this week, as almost half of Australia’s job losses have been recovered; with a....

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18 September 2020

Qld Govt $37.6M Investment Package

The Queensland Government’s cash splash continues as a new training investment package worth $37.6 million is announced. ....

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12 September 2019

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